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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

I turned around and saw all the hashiras in my room. Kanroji and Rengoku also just woke up. The voice I heard was Kochos voice as she just came in to check me if I was okay. She realised my actions and asked (forced) me to lay on the bed. When I refused, shinazugawa grabbed my arms and threw me onto the bed while the others strained me to not get out of the bed. Why would they want me to stay? I'm already a waste of space existing so why do they want my presences? Kocho gave me a cup of the medicine and told me to drink it. I did, I know that medicine will sometimes taste bad but Kochos medicine tastes like an entire wasteland.

Short insect woman (shinobu) pov:

While I was getting some medicine for Tomioka-san, I saw the hashiras at the entrance of my house and I figured that they wanted to see him so I lead them to his room but saw giyuu getting up on his bed and using his sword as a crane to carry himself up. I then asked Tomioka-san to lay down on his bed again since his legs are mostly injured and his estate is a bit far away from here but he refused. What a stubborn Tomioka-san, I know that he's always like this but he's injured and that's another situation so it's better not to be stubborn and just follow what I say. Good thing Shinazugawa-san grabbed him and threw him onto the bed, I know I'm weak so it will be a fuss to make him lay on his bed. I gave Tomioka-san a cup of medicine to stop any infection if that's happening in his body. He drank it with his usual poker face but I can sence a hint of disgust on his face. Was my medicine really that disgusting? Oh well, most medicine taste bad anyway.

Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Drinking my medicine while the hashiras are watching me is a bit weird for me but it's not like I can do anything right now. Once I finished the medicine I grabbed my sword and continued to do what I did just now and that's leaving the butterfly mansion. All of the hashiras grabbed and threw me onto the bed again. As expected. But I'm sure I'm fine, I mean, I'm a slayer and I should fight bad demons no matter what. So why should I stay on the bed and do nothing? This bed could be used for another slayer in need more than me. So why?

Kocho, I said. Why should I stay here for longer? I have missions to catch up. Plus people are dying because of those demons.

Oh Tomioka-san, don't worry! The other hashiras have taken care of your mission cause we have already completed our missions plus you have been getting way more missions than usual so you should get some rest. - Shinobu

Then I will rest at my estate, I will get going no-

Oh no, no, Tomioka-san. Your so stubborn, your estate is quite far away from here so I suggest you to stay. Also your legs are mostly injured, what if you tripped on your way there and injured your leg? You wouldn't want that right? - Shinobu

Even if I tripped and injured my leg, I deserved it... I whispered.

What was that Tomioka-san? - Shinobu

It was nothing, Kocho. But I have a question, how long will I rest?

Good question! Maybe about 1-2 weeks. - Shinobu

What?! That's too long! I don't want to give others more duties to do just because I got hurt! Even if I got hurt I deserved it anyway!

Tomioka-san, can you say that last sentence again? - Shinobu

Shit, did I say it out loud? I thought.


You heard me, don't act dumb. Say. That. Last. Sentence. Again.

Just as she said that I felt an intense aura of anger and sadness coming out of the hashiras. Mostly anger. (that's when he knew, he fucked up)

E-even I-I-if I g-got h-hurt i-i-i d-deserved it.... (why did I make him stutter that much 😭)

Tomioka, after you've done your recovery please come to our estates - Rengoku

Rengoku wasn't smiling bright like usual, instead he looked a bit intimidating as well as the others. Was it really that bad? I was just saying facts though. Ugh, and to think my life won't be more harder.

Secrets (not taisho era secrets)

Author wonders who are the 12 people reading this book (look mate it is hella cringe)

Author saw a baby lizard today

Authors mother is scared of caterpillars

Author wonders why they are making this book on their free time

Author is hungry right now

Author is sad because they did not reach 1000 words but sadly cannot continue cause they ran out of ideas (for now)

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