Fuck you butterfry.

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Just found the weirdest kny ships today, like who tf ships Gyokko x Shinobu bro like they dont even know eachother 💀

3rd pov:

Giyuu is now walking to the butterfly estate after his random training session with Sanemi. But he wonders why it took so long for Kanzaburo to realize that hes injured. Oh right, Kanzaburo is old. How could he forget that? Hes such a horrible owner.


Giyuu is wondering what happened to Chiko and Minori, it isnt too long when he put them in the butterfly estate. Are they awake yet? Are they okay? Did they die? No, he shouldn't think that those two women would die so easily. Besides, they are leaning on the higher ranks of the demon slayer core. (#donotunderestimatewomen)

Giyuu kept on daydreaming until he accidentally bumped into the walls of the butterfly estate. (haha thats what you get for not focussing where you are going)

Giyuu touched his forehead, slightly scrunching his eyes at the pain. When he looked at his fingers again, he saw blood.

Whoops, he might have accidentally hit his head on the wall too hard. But thats okay, hes already at the butterfly estate anyway. He'll just grab some bandages from one of the cabinets inside and patch himself up.

He opened the door and closed it silently. When he turned to his back, he didnt expect a purple and annoying mosquito infront of him.

The purple and annoying short mosquito gave Giyuu a closed-eye smile, before talking.

Hello Tomioka-san! I expected you to arrive here at this momen-! - Shinobu

The short personality stealer immediately notice the wound on Giyuus forehead. Most likely due to the blood being bright red colored.

Oh my Tomioka-san! When did you get this wound on your forehead? It looks like the blood is still fresh. - Shinobu

Its really not a big deal Kocho, I just bumped my head on a wall too hard. - Giyuu

You should worry about every single injury your body gets, what if it causes an infection? You dont want that right? Tsk tsk, how careless of you Tomioka-san. - Shinobu

Kocho, I am not careless. - Giyuu

Oh Tomioka-san, keep telling that to yourself. Plus, you probably got that injury of yours for not looking where you were going right? I know you aren't the type to just bump onto a wall on purpose. - Shinobu

... - Giyuu

Welp, lets go and patch up that wound of yours. It would be very sad to see you die from blood loss.(chill butterfly he aint gonna die just because of a boo boo bruh tf you worrying for?) - Shinobu

Kocho, dont be ridiculous, i wont die just by a small wound like this-  - Giyuu

Nuh-uh! Dont make any excuses when it come to health. Remember what I said just now? - Shinobu

...Sighs. - Giyuu

'Kocho is being a bit overdramatic again' was what Giyuu thought.

The woman who almost named her adoptive sister a fish lead Giyuu to a room where she could patch up his wounds. After patching the wound on his forehead, she began to examine Giyuu.

So~, Tomioka-san, I heard that you got electrocuted. Am I right? - Shinobu

Yeah... - Giyuu

'huh? Thats weird, usually Kanzaburo would take up to two days to remember what happened to me after a mission. Did they're memory improve?' thought to Giyuu.

Was it an uppermoon? - Shinobu

Mhm hmm.... - Giyuu

'She figured it out again!' Giyuu thought once again.

Kocho, how did you know? - Giyuu

Oh~ well, since you are considered a strong hashira, I figured that it might have been an uppermoon. And I guess I was right! - Shinobu

Then how did you know that I got electrocuted? Did Kanzaburo tell you that? - Giyuu

Yup! Its quite a shocker I know, considering that you crow is very old. - Shinobu

Oh....Then im glad that their memory has improved... - Giyuu

Mhm. Tomioka-san, could you do me a favor? - Shinobu

Hm? - Giyuu

Please lay down on a bed. I need to check if your body is still okay. You cant be entirely fine when you just got electrocuted. I'll get you some medicine soon. - Shinobu

Sure... - Giyuu

Giyuu laid down on a bed while Shinobu went to get some supplies to check-up on him. Unknowingly, he slowly started to fall asleep. Eventually leading to him being in a deep slumber.

Shinobu already at the door before he even began to fall asleep, she was just silently watching him lose unconsciousness before she could do what she wanted.

Shinobu went into the room and locked the door, and since Giyuu was unconscious at this time, it made it easier to do what she wanted. She firstly made sure that Giyuu was okay after being electrocuted. Since she cares about his health. After that, she injected a drug into him. Not sure why though.

Then, here comes the 'fun' part. Shinobu took of Giyuus haori and unbuttoned his uniform before taking it of completely. She gave Giyuu soft kisses on the neck, slowly but surely going to other places to kiss. The kisses became more aggressive as it slowly started turning into bites. She already bit atleast half of Giyuus torso. Ew. But she wanted more. She wanted to know what Giyuus lower body parts could do. And so, she took of his pants and undergarments too. Admiring his size before 'playing' with it to pleasure herself.

In the meantime, Aoi is sweeping the floor. She wonders what Shinobu is doing right now. She already checked Shinobus office if she was there or not. She wasnt. Thats odd, Shinobu spends most of her time in her office. And if not, she was probably just taking a lunch or bathroom break. So where is she?

Hmm... Oh wait, what if shes on a mission? But that feels wrong, Aoi has Shinobus haori. And Shinobu never forgets to bring her haori to anywhere. Mostly because her haori used to be Kanaes. So where could Shinobu possibly be? Shinobu isnt in any patient rooms cause Aoi already checked all of them. Well, except that one room where usually the hashiras stay. But that was locked so she guesses that there is probably no one there too. Oh well, i guess Aoi can find where is she sooner or later.

Hey yall, sorry for making yall wait for over a week. My teachers have been giving us alot of homework lately cause they said that we sucked during our exams. I cant deny that though, i failed 2 subjects lol.

But dont worry! I can manage my time so I can make more chapters as soon as possible. I just need you to be a little more patient. Is that alright?
Taisho secrets

Shinobu sent her crow to find where Giyuu was and how was he doing in the middle of the uppermoon 4 battle. Making know that he got electrocuted in the middle of it. So no, Kanzaburo did not tell her.

Giyuu, despite being unconscious, somehow felt uncomfortable in his sleep. He wants to wake up, but he cant.

The drug Shinobu injected on Giyuu was a sleeping drug.
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