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The kamaboko squad + Giyuu, Aoi and Senjuro gives free food to the hashiras
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

After I was done eating my favourite food, I went to help Aoi along with the others to package the food so that it could stay fresh. It only took 3 minutes considering that there were literally 10 people helping to package the food. Inosuke had a little trouble with packaging the food cause he can't really understand what the instructions are saying so I helped him.

Alright! Now that we are done packaging the food we can now give it to the other hashiras! We can leave Shinobu-sans food here since we are already at the butterfly mansion. Let's go deliver the other food to the other hashiras then! - Tanjiro

Mhmm! - Nezuko

Let's go to the nearest hashira estate first, that way the food won't be cold so soon. It seems that Uzuis estate is the closest to here. Let's go there first. - Genya

Great idea Genya! Let's go there first! - Tanjiro

A few minutes later

Now that we are here, do we just put the food in front of the door or what? - Zenitsu

Of course not dummy. You knock on the door and give it to Uzui or his wives of course. - Aoi

B-but-           - Zenitsu

No buts! Dad will be here by your side so you don't have to worry about anything. Now go the foods gonna get cold! - Aoi

But why me?! Why am I the one who has to deliver the food to him along with dad? - Zenitsu

Cause you made the food along with dad of course! Now just go knock on the door we still have other food to deliver! - Aoi

Fine... :( - Zenitsu

We knock on the door and after awhile later I got greeted with Uzui and his wives. They seem to look surprised since I usually don't visit other people except Tanjiro and his friends. I don't blame them though, ever since my last mission people kept interacting with me. I guess they got a little worried about me. But I don't get it, I don't see any value or worth in me except my Organs so why even bother worrying me? They should be worried about me taking up space instead.
Man hoe (Tengen) pov:

I was just chilling on my couch when suddenly I heard a knock on my door due to my good sense of hearing. I told my wives to check who outside of the door. We opened it and to our surprise we saw the Agatsuma boy and... TOMIOKA?! I mean I am really glad that Tomioka had the time to visit me but I rarely see him visiting anyone except that kamado boy and his friends. I also feel like it's not only them nearby, eh, maybe I'll go check that later.

Kyaaa! Hello Tomioka-san! What brings you here on this lovely day? - Suma

Don't shout too loud to our guest especially Tomioka-san you dumbo! It's gonna make our reputation bad! - Makio

Waah! Lord Tengen, Makio called me a dumbo! - Suma

Now now, girls, please don't argue when there are visitors right now. Especially when it's Tomioka-san. - Hinatsuru

Hello Tomioka! What brings you here? As I know, you rarely visit almost anyone! What's the matter with you here along with that agatsuma boy?

Hello Uzui, me and Zenitsu here made some food for you and the other hashiras with the help of Tanjiro and his friends. We thought that it would be nice to give you guys some food because of the upcoming festival that is starting soon so we decided to give you guys food to make you all feel happier. Don't worry, I did not forget to make some food for your wives too. Zenitsu helped me the most on making the onigiri for you. We hope that you can enjoy the food we gave you. - Giyuu

Kya! Tomioka-san is so caring! Thank you for the food Tomioka-san! - Suma

I wonder whats the filling? Is it chicken? Tuna? Or egg? - Hinatsuru

You just saved us a lot of time cooking! Thank you Tomioka-san! One day we will definitely repay you! - Makio

Thank you Tomioka! This is very flamboyant of you! Just as what Makio said we will surely repay you the best and most flashy way possible!

Thank you everyone for the compliments, but I think you should compliment Zenitsu too. After all, he did help most parts of the food. - Giyuu

Very well then, Tomioka. Thank you for helping him make the food too Agatsuma boy! You have my respect.

Thanks... Uzui-sama... - Zenitsu

Now that we gave the food to Uzui, let's go to the nearest hashira estate from here. I do not want the food to be cold so soon. - Giyuu

Aww, I hope that you could chat with us for a bit longer but if you are in a rush so I hope we can see you again soon! - Suma

Goodbye, Tomioka-san, if you have the time to come over to our house feel free to come anytime! - Makio

Goodbye my flashy friend! Hope to see you again soon!

Bye-bye, Tomioka-san. I hope you can have fun with us the next time we meet again. - Hinatsuru

Goodbye everyone. I will see you again soon. - Giyuu

And just like that he left along with Agatsuma. The presence I felt just now were also gone. I think it's just Kamado and his friends. Tomioka did say that they helped him make the food for the other hashiras as well.

Sooo, when are you gonna propose to him lord Tengen? - Suma

Yeah lord Tengen! When are you gonna confess to him? Me along with Suma and Hinatsuru surely do not mind Tomioka-san to be in our family. I bet the food he makes is good too! I mean, look at this masterpiece here! He would make a great husband don't you think?

I also think it would be nice to have Tomioka-san to join our family. I will not lie, he does look really handsome and is a strong gentleman to me. I hope that one day him becoming part of our family becomes true. - Hinatsuru

Maybe some day, My dear Suma. I really do hope that he accepts my confession if I ever do have the confidence to propose to him.
Quizzes for the readers!

Guess which hashira is gonna get their free uber eats next!

What filling do you think is in the onigiri? Just so you know it could be any filling that could also not be in the chapter I just made.

What food was the wives about to make before getting the free uber eat? (I know it's a really random question but you can try and guess it)

That's all for now, try and guess the answers!
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