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Okay- okay, heard me out. But what if Giyuu choose to actually pay attention to the footsteps?
I know this is stupid but please bear with me-

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The sound of footsteps had gotten into Giyuus ears. He was searching for a way to escape this mansion and was currently in the insect hashiras office.

Giyuu immediately perked up to the sound.

"The sound of footsteps... Could it be... Kocho?"

The feeling of fear slowly emerged from his body. While it didnt effect him greatly, the emotion still lingered in him.

"No... I don't think its her... The sun has yet to set... And she'll be coming back in the evening, right?"


"Oh wait..... She didn't mention that, did she?"

"Agh... Im so stupid. Always assuming things without evidence... Maybe thats a reason why no one likes me..."

Giyuu gave full attention to the footsteps.

"While its still quite far... I can hear it coming closer..."

"Maybe I should bring both of the keys with me. Yeah, that'd be assuring. Hopefully."

"The footsteps... They are close now. If it was actually Kocho, then I'd have to find somewhere to hide in here. I can't just burst through the door and leave. The hallways are long. And she might see me from far away and catch up to me. After all, she is called one of the fastest hashira for a reason."

Giyuu glanced around the office once again. immediately finding another door which located another room.

"Im guessing this is a bathroom. Maybe I can hide in here?"

Giyuu checked inside, finding out it was infact, a bathroom. With all the necessities a bathroom should have. And another thing,

More pictures of him hanging around the canvas of a mirror. All of them lewd and utterly disgusting in Giyuus opinion.

"Okay, seriously, how in the actual heck did she even get all of those pictures? I dont even remember being tied up with red ropes and a blindfold! And whats that ball attached to my mouth in the other picture? Why do I have some kind of dog chain around my neck in another picture? What are all these things attached to me?"

Oh my, it seems that Shinobu was experimenting Giyuus body while he was unconscious. I admit, she was very lucky that Giyuu hadn't woken up once while she was playing with him. But that luck soon might die down. Cause hes about to leave like Tanjiros dad.

"Ew ew ew ew. Im starting to regret coming in here. Is there any other place for me to hide?" Giyuu thought.

Just then, Giyuu heard the sound of a door creaking open.

"To-mi-o-ka-san~~, are you in here?"

"That voice... Its definitely Kocho! I wonder what was she doing with her friend just now..."

"Wait, why am I even thinking of that? Thats none of my business anyways."

"You know I don't like playing such childish games like these. Come out. Now."



"...Fine. Since you're soo immature, liking to play such outdated children games with me, then sure. Lets play. But be aware, im not going easy on you this time."
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