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The past weeks for Giyuu were nothing special. Do missions, train, cut himself, get sleep deprived, get stalke- wait a minute he doesn't need to know that.

But today, Mitsuri got pretty bad injuries from a mission and is now resting at the butterfly estate. So all of the hashiras and the kids will be visiting her, including Giyuu. (tbh Obanai kinda just dragged him there lmao)

Ur mom's- I mean 3rd pov:

Tomioka, get your ass up and walk. Or do you want me to continue dragging you all the way there? - Obanai

... - Giyuu

Come on Tomioka, all the hashiras are visiting her. It's not that bad, unless it was Shinazugawa who was injured but that's not the case. - Obanai

... - Giyuu

*sigh*, *mumbles* I don't know how I fell in love with someone so stubborn like you... - Obanai

... Hm? - Giyuu

What? - Obanai

... - Giyuu

... - Obanai

Nevermind... - Giyuu

*ehem* as I was saying,-       - Obanai
At the butterfly mansion:

Hey gu-    - Obanai


... Hi-     - Giyuu

Wait you guys are on a first name basis already? I thought I would be the first one to call him that! - Mitsuri

It's not only Kyojuro, Giyuu allowed me to call him by his first name too! Haha! - Tengen

... Did I just get ignored - Obanai

Sorry Iguro, but you don't see Giyuu coming to hand out with us everyday do you? - Kyojuro

... Yeah... - Obanai

Anyways, now that all of you are here, Mitsuri requested that we would have lunch at the kitchen to celebrate that she's alive. I guess. - Shinobu

That sounds nice. - Gyomei

But, the food is not done yet. We all know the appetites of Mitsuri and Rengoku. Tomioka-San, do you mind helping me? I thought that the food you and the kids made for me was great. So I would appreciate your help. - Shinobu

... Um... - Giyuu

Miss Kocho, can we help too?.... - Senjuro

I wanta help two! - Inosuke

Me too...-Muichiro

Oh! It would be nice to help, but we already have Sumi, Naho, Kiyo with Aoi and Kanao working on it. One person would be enough. - Shinobu

Aw... - Senjuro

So Tomioka-San, can you help us? - Shinobu

... Yeah. - Giyuu

Great! Follow me to the kitchen please! - Shinobu
Hashiras and the kids pov:

Why does Kocho get all his attention? Shouldn't it be Tomioka focusing on me? Why did Kocho specifically chose Tomioka to help her? Was all the hashiras were thinking. Well, almost. Gyomei didn't think much of it and Muichiro is currently trying to think on how he could protect his dad from obsessed stalkers. Yes, Muichiro knows that some of the hashiras are stalking Giyuu along with the kids. He once saw Shinobu seemingly looking at Giyuu far away when he visited his estate. Tanjiro and Inosuke said that Tengen was kinda spying on Giyuu whenever he was near his estate. To be honest, It's getting kinda creepy...

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