Small Clip With Gyomei

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Gyomei hasn't been getting enough attention from Giyuu so I made a small Clip with him =)
3rd person pov:

Giyuu got back from a successful mission but he is now mad and sad. Apparently the demon he encountered was good at roasting people and also has a blood demon art where they make you remember your past again and again. The blood demon art won't go away until next day.

... - Giyuu

Oh wow what a coincidence, while Giyuu was walking to his estate he passed Gyomeis Estate. Gyomei detected the sad & angry aura so he asked who was it coming from.

I Sense a strong aura made with sadness and anger, may I ask who is the person walking by? - Gyomei

... Tomioka Giyuu. - Giyuu

Oh, hello Tomioka, nice to meet you. Can you tell me why are you sad and angry right now? - Gyomei

... Its from a mission. - Giyuu

So, your last mission is the reason why your feeling these emotions? - Gyomei

Mhm. - Giyuu

Ah, okay. Do you want to come in? We can talk about it. - Gyomei

.... Yeah. - Giyuu

Alright, you may come in from that door over there *points at wrong direction lol* - Gyomei

... O.. Kay? *goes in right direction cus he ain't dumb*- Giyuu

So, what happened during your mission? - Gyomei

... A demon... I-it made fun of the people I love... Due to its blood demon art... - Giyuu

Were.. The people you loved were some friends or relatives who died? Or is it some people who is still alive that you are really close to? - Gyomei

B-both... - Giyuu

Ah, that must have been hard to deal with. But don't worry, I'm sure you killed the demon right? - Gyomei

Mhm... - Giyuu

That's good. if the demon is dead, then it is in hell burning right now. It will learn its lesson there, it will learn everything it has done wrong to you and the others. They will wish that they took another path in life instead of becoming a man eating demon for eternity. So right now it is learning its lesson, don't worry. There is no need to feel angry right now. As well as being sad,that won't change anything that happened already. - Gyomei

... Ok. - Giyuu

Is it only the demon that made you sad and angry? - Gyomei

Yeah... - Giyuu

Then ill make you some tea, ill help you cheer up your mood. - Gyomei

Wait, do you need help? - Giyuu

Well, I don't need help but I would be honoured if you did help me. Not saying you should though. - Gyomei

Then I'll help. - Giyuu

... Thank you, Tomioka. - Gyomei

... 🙂 (YOO HE SMILED) -Giyuu

Once again, thank you for helping me make tea. Tomioka. - Gyomei

No problem, I like helping people anyway. - Giyuu

While we drink tea, let us talk about some happy stuff to cheer our mood. - Gyomei

My mood is already cured by helping you make tea, but I would gladly make you happier =) . - Giyuu

Gyomei pov:

What a pure soul, not single sign of evilness or cruelty. Never knew God could make such a being. *cries lmao*

H-Himejima, why are you crying? Did I say something wrong? - Giyuu

Don't worry, Tomioka. These are just tears of joy.

... Alright then. - Giyuu

Anyways back to 3rd person pov:

So uhh yeah, they talked about stuff, meditate and do whatever kind of shit Gyomei and Giyuu would do together. The end.
Taisho secrets

Genya was going to knock on Gyomeis door when he saw him and Giyuu having fun together. He decided not to knock cause he didn't want to ruin their moment. Also now Genya has to pay cause of their bet.

Authour was lazy today thus making them write this short clip to the readers.

Author is (probably) gonna make a small Clip for Sanemi, Obanai + Mitsuri. The author thinks that they also haven't gotten enough attention from Giyuu
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