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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

After delivering the onigiri to Uzui and his wives, Tanjiro and his friends decided to the nearest hashira estate from here. I know which hashira is the nearest from here. I keep passing by that one specific house where Genya and his brother lives there. That's right, the wind pillar estate. I'm a bit worried on how Shinazugawa would treat the kids, they don't deserve that kind of treatment from anyone. But since we made food for him let's not waste it.

Soo, which hashira estate is the nearest from here? - Tanjiro

If I'm correct, think its my brothers estate. - Genya

You mean the wind pillar estate? - Senjuro

Yeah, the wind pillar estate. - Genya

That's so cool! My brother told me many stories about the hashiras from experience and he told me that the wind hashira is a bit feral but is very strong! He said he's the 2nd most strongest hashira out of all of them! - Senjuro

Yeah, he is a bit aggressive but if your close enough with him he is actually quite nice. - Genya

Aww, that's sweet. But enough chit-chating let's give the food to your brother as soon as possible! I don't want the dessert to melt. - Senjuro

Then off we go! - Tanjiro

A few minutes later

Now that we're here, Genya can you knock on the door? Dad can be by your side if you want. - Tanjiro

Sure, I can knock on the door myself but I do want father to be by my side. - Genya

He wants me to be by his side? How sweet. Maybe I could make some more ohagi for him too. I'll do that if I have the time.

Knock knock

Who's there? - Sanemi

Aniki! I have something to give you. - Genya

Yeah yeah ok wait I'm coming. - Sanemi
No eyebrows guy (sanemi) pov:

I was taking care of my beetle when suddenly I heard a knock on the door. Its most likely Genya but I don't have the evidence to that so I will say 'who's there' just in case it's one of the kakushi trying to inform me about some stuff. It's annoying, really. Like why cant you just make my crow tell me all the information instead? Ugh.

Who's there?

Aniki! I have something to give you. - Genya

So it's not the annoying kakushis then, at least right now I don't have to deal with that.

Yeah yeah ok wait I'm coming.

I opened the door and saw my brother and.. Tomioka? He doesn't usually visit anyone other than my brother and his friends. So why is he here? I saw Tomioka holding a container. Maybe he's gonna give something to me? Yeah, he probably is. I mean, what other explanation would he be here? I mean I'm glad that he's here cause I can see his perfect face but I wonder what is he gonna give me.

Hello Shinazugawa, me and your brother made you some food for you and the other hashiras with the help of his friends. We thought that it would be nice to make you guys some food so that when the festival held near Asakusa starts it would make you guys  happier. The package I'm holding contains some ohagi me and your brother made for you cause your brother told me that your favourite food is ohagi. I hope you can enjoy the food we gave you. - Giyuu

Thanks... I guess.

Oh my god Tomioka making food for me!? I can't believe it! One day when I marry him he would be such a good cook. I'm sure that Genya would not mind having a brother in law like him. I mean, he already has a good connection with Tomioka so I'm sure he approves me having a crush on Tomioka. The food also looks quite good too. I want to try it with Genya once he gets home after delivering all the other foods to the other hashiras. For now I'll just put it in the fridge.

Your welcome, Shinazugawa. I would have to go and deliver the other foods to the other hashiras. Again, we really do hope that you would like the ohagi we made if you ever try it. - Giyuu

And then he left with my brother. I'll continue taking care of my beetle I do hope that if he does have the time he can come to my estate so that maybe we could bond a bit together. I'm not the best at making friends but I'll try just for Tomioka to get close to me.
End of chapter! Yes I know this chapter is a bit lame but that's all of the idea I had making this chapter.

Author feels like they accidentally made Sanemi being a try hard to win Giyuus heart

Author is still thinking which hashira they should do in the next chapter getting their free uber eats
841 words =/

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