Finally Getting Sleep

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This is part 2 of the last chapter, yeah.
Emo man (giyuu) pov

I was running to my estate but even when I'm running for 3 hours I'm not even half way to my destination. After a few more hours later I finally arrived at the entrance of the corps. But for some reason I felt quite dizzy, is it because I haven't slept for 8 days? Of course not, I'm used to this plus I slept last week so I'm fine. But it's getting really dizzy now, whatever I should head to my estat- (blacks out just like his will to live)

UMAI guy (kyojuro) and sakura mochi girl (mitsuri) pov:

We were talking and discussing about our favourite food when suddenly we heard a loud thud at the entrance because we were near at it. We quickly ran there thinking its just some random demon slayer who fainted due to them being really tired. We went there and we saw.... GIYUU?! What is he doing here? Whatever we should bring him to the butterfly mansion now!

UMAI guy (kyojuro) pov:

Me and Mitsuri quickly ran to the butterfly mansion with our full speed while I was carrying Giyuu, I felt Mitsuri feeling a bit jealous because she was not the one carrying our crush but I ignored it because right now Giyuu is passed out bleeding with some minor and serious cuts right now. After we reached there we    were finding Shinobu in a rush and we found her in her office.

Short insect woman (Shinobu) pov:

I was in my office testing new poisons and which were more affective against demons when suddenly I heard 2 footsteps coming towards me. Their auras seems strong so i assume they are hashiras. However, I find it a bit weird cause hashiras other than me rarely come here due to them being super strong and careful. They opened no, bursted my door. It seems that they are in a rush, I then saw rengoku-san and mitsuri-san coming in my office holding an unconscious slayer. It seems that he was either really tired or the demon was strong enough to land that many attacks on that slayer causing a huge amount of blood lost also causing him to faint. I inspected the slayer and found out that its... GIYUU?! Why is one of the strongest hashiras in a state like this!? Did he encounter a 12 kizuki? Whatever I have to prepare a ton of bandages and medicine. I told Rengoku-san to put Giyuu on a bed and Mitsuri-san to get other stuff for me to treat Giyuu.

UMAI guy (kyojuro) pov:

Shinobu told me to put Giyuu on the bed so I quickly put him there and find what can I do to help her treat him but I found nothing so I took a chair and placed it beside Giyuus bed and sat on it hoping there's still time for Giyuu to make it.

Sakura mochi girl (mitsuri) pov:

Shinobu-san told me to get some stuff to help her treat giyuu so I quickly rushed to get those items. I knew exactly where the items are due to me visiting nezuko at least once a week. I handed her the items and she began putting some stuff onto Giyuus wounds to have a lower chance of an infection and bandadged him to stop the bleeding. I just hope he doesn't die, I mean, we haven't done alot of things yet like hanging out, having dinner together, marryin- wait what am I thinking?! I know he's hot but I'm sure I have no chance into winning his heart. Well, not yet~😏 (this feels cringe af)

Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Ugh... My body hurts, where am I? Oh yeah, I blacked out. Am I in the butterfly mansion? Wait, if I'm in the butterfly mansion that means that Kocho took care of me and she probably saw my cuts.... This is bad, really bad. It also means that I gave her more work than usual. I looked around and saw Kanroji and Rengoku sleeping on a chair beside me. How long was I asleep? Wait why am I questioning myself? I should not care about myself, I should care about others. I don't deserve attention, I don't deserve care, treatment or even exist. I am a burden myself, Kanroji and Rengoku should be sleeping on a bed not an uncomfortable chair, not me. I also realised that I still have my uniform on me and it's clean? I guess Kocho hasn't changed me yet. I look on my legs and realise they were bandaged. I don't feel that they are bandages on my arms. Phew, I guess she hasn't saw my cuts then. Good thing the demon mostly targeted my feet. But if she hasn't changed me yet then that means that I've only passed out for awhile, right? I should not stay here anymore, I have been a waste of space for a long time and the bed I'm sitting should be used by another slayer that's more injured than me. I found out that my sword was still on me so I used it as a crane to get out of here. But just as I was about to get out of my bed I heard a familiar voice...

Tbc cause I'm lazy af 😍

Taisho secrets:

Giyuu has slept for 4 days

The hashiras visited him and all of them planted a kiss somewhere on his body. Mostly on the forehead, cheek, lips and etc. Some of them even gave him a hickey.

Rengokus and Mitsuri were always the last ones to leave and go back home making them sleep on the chair for awhile before waking up in a short period and going home.

The kamaboko squad also visited him and were worried sick when one of the hashira told them that Giyuu was in the butterfly mansion unconscious.

The reason why Shinobu didn't change Giyuu with the typical clothes is cause she thought that he looked better with the uniform. (also one of the kakushi changed giyuu and now knows that he cuts but won't tell anyone )
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