BoOrInG! 😒

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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

After coming back from Kochos place, I decided to train like usual. This time I trained more on my flexibility, reaction time and speed. A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. I went to go check it out and of course it was that short lady I see every time.

Hello Tomioka-San! I forgot to give you this when you were at my place just now. This is your new uniform! It's more covered than your last one. Speaking about that, can you hand me your 'more revealing uniform'? I need it for something. - Shinobu

Oh thanks. Let me get the uniform real quick.


Here you go.

Thank you Tomioka-San! I will get going now, bye~ - Shinobu

K bye.

......... Ok back to training.
At the butterfly mansion

*burning Giyuus uniform* do you like to see your creations get turned into ashes? Do you like to see something that is ''useful" to you get destroyed in front of your eyes? I don't too. If you keep giving other slayers an outfit that looks like it came out of a strip club then I won't hesitate to inject you a formula that paralyses you till death. Got it? - Shinobu

Y-yes ma'am! - Kakushi

Good, and just for fun, I want Shinazugawa-san to punch you in the stomach. - Shinobu

Wait what- OW SHIT *coughs blood* - Kakushi


You sure did become more psychopathic over the years huh? Kocho. - Sanemi

Oh please, he was a pest to the corps anyways. - Shinobu

*literally suffering rn* - Kakushi

*her who watched the whole thing*... Wow... Well uh I guess that's one way to teach someone a lesson! Haha... - Mitsuri
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Why do I hear someone screaming from affar? Oh well, must have been my imagination. Let's continue to train.

Ok soo a few days have passed and all Giyuu did was just doing what he usually does. Like getting no sleep, train, go on his solo missions and blah blah.

Another mission completed, time to go back and report it to master.


At the masters estate

Knock knock

Who is it? - Amane

Tomioka Giyuu, water pillar.

Ah, alright. Please wait for the master, you may come in. - Amane

Thank you.


Hello Giyuu, how was your mission? I suppose that you are here to report about it right? - Kagaya

It was good, there were swarms of demons coming after me but I managed to defeat all of them until sunrise.

I'm glad to hear that it was a successful mission. You may go now, but before that, do you have anything to say? - Kagaya

No, master.

Very well then, you are dismissed. - Kagaya

Well, time to visit Tanjiro and his friends-

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