With Great Training Comes With Great Pain

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Emo guy, UMAI guy, sakura mochi girl and bi ssssnake guy trains to waste time
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I think that is enough talking about what happened about our last mission! Let's go train! - Kyojuro

Aww man, but it's ok! Let's train to get stronger to defeat those nasty demons! - Kanroji

Alright then! I'm gonna go grab some bamboo swords to let us train our slicing! - Kyojuro

Iguro, do you want to take of your bandages? You might have difficulty breathing if you keep it like that.

No need, Tomioka. I am already used to this while training. - Obanai

If you say so, let's all head to the backyard to prepare the training.

Going 2 the backyard (back rooms)

Kyaa!! I knew that Rengoku-sans backyard would be big but not that big! - Kanroji

It indeed is, Kanroji. Its Almost twice the size as mine. - Obanai

Suprize Kyojuro came out w/ bamboo swords and placed it on the ground

Tomioka! Would you mind helping me carry some other stuff with me? - Kyojuro

Sure, I don't mind.

After carrying some stuff I'm too lazy to write him bring some shit back

I am done, Rengoku. May we start the training now?

Of course! Tomioka! - Kyojuro

You know, Rengoku-San. I have been realising that Tomioka-San is talking more lately! I'm glad that he's starting to become more comfortable with us to start talking. - Mitsuri

Indeed, I have been noticing that as well! - Kyojuro

Can we now start the training? - Obanai

Of course! I almost forgot about that! Lets warm up first! - Kyojuro
Forth person pov:

Huff, huff, huff, wow Rengoku-San, huff, how many more rounds of running do we have to do? - Kanroji

Huff, huff, about 3 more! Huff, huff - Kyojuro

Let's huff, get this huff, quick then. Huff - Obanai

Tomioka-San! Huff, how are you not huff tired yet?! Huff, your not even sweating! - Mitsuri

Training, Kanroji. - Giyuu

Enough huff, talking! Huff, let's get the job done! Huff - Kyojuro

After they ran for 3 rounds around Kyojuros backyard

Aaah, I fell like huff, huff I'm huff gonna pass out huff - Mitsuri

Me huff, huff too Kanroji, huff, me too-huff - Obanai

Huff, huff, let's take huff a break huff first. - Kyojuro

Few mins later

You know Tomioka, I'm really surprised that you can run 45 rounds in my backyard non-stop without even sweating! I also know for a fact that my backyard is HUGE! I can't imagine what your training looks like! - Kyojuro

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