Small Clip With Sanemi

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Alright sanegiyuu lovers, buckle up cause this bouta be the cringiest you've ever seen
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

I have been assigned another mission by master. It was not a solo mission this time like usual so I wonder who would be my partner.

I arrived at the masters estate, knocked the door and came in. It seems that the person I will be working with hasn't arrived yet, guess I'll wait.



Knock knock

Oh, looks like the other arrived.

Who's there? - Amane

Shinazugawa Sanemi, wind pillar. - Sanemi

I flinched when I heard that name. Shinazugawa? Never thought I would be paired with him for a mission my entire life but here I am....

He came in and by his reaction, he was shocked to see me being paired up with him too. He's now probably wondering why master paired up him, a strong guy and me, a pathetic waste of space....

We were waiting for master to come. While waiting, I didn't dare to say a word thinking that he would be annoyed by my voice. (who told you that?) the tension here was uncomfortable, hope master comes soon.

Master has arrived. - Amane, or Kiriya, or any of the kids idk


Hello my dear children, how are you today? - Kagaya

Ive been doing well master, hope your health gets better soon. - Sanemi

Thank you, Sanemi. How about you Giyuu? - Kagaya

.... I've been... Doing good...

That's nice, I'm sure you already know that you guys got paired up with each other. That is cause I want you guys to go to a big village named __________. There have been many people missing just in a single night, no bodies to be found. So I think this is a Lower or Uppermoons doing. That is why I sent you guys to defeat it. - Kagaya

Also, the mission is located near South. That is all I wanted to say. You may leave now. Any questions? - Kagaya

No, master. - Sanemi


Alright then, you may leave now. - Kagaya

Hey. - Shinazugawa


Do you want to take anything before we go or nah? - Sanemi

... Um, yeah...

Then go hurry up and take it, don't waste my time. - Sanemi


I head back to my estate. To be honest, there was nothing I actually wanted to bring with me during my mission. I just said I had one cause I was a bit uncomfortable around Shinazugawa. But now that I'm here, might as well get some things...

I took some anti depressants. As well as a roll of bandages. When I went out of my bathroom I saw the butterfly pin Kocho gave me. Should I wear it? It would be waste if I didn't. But I don't want Shinazugawa think I'm feminine... I guess Ill put it in my pocket. (bad choice my guy) Maybe I can wear it when he's not around.

I head back to wear I left Shinazugawa and to my surprise, he's still there. Now that we are ready, we will go to our mission now.
At the village

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