Therapy 😍😍

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Hashiras (mostly shinobu) being a therapist to Giyuu 😀

Tomioka-San, are you okay? - Shinobu

Of course I am Kocho, you just took care of me for about a wee-          - Giyuu

No, no, I mean, are you okay?  - Shinobu

End of recap
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I do not know what you mean Kocho, you are literally looking at a perfectly healthy man. No diseases, no disabilities, no injuries, nothing.

I wasn't talking about your physical health Tomioka-San, I was talking about your mental health. Do not think that I forgot what you said a few days ago while the hashiras were visiting you. That one sentence could say alot about that person. Tomioka-san, are you perhaps depressed? - Shinobu

Kocho, I only said that is cause I care for people. I care that if they get hurt, I care that something happened to them. I am also not depressed like you just said so.

But what did you mean "even if I get hurt I deserved it"? Tomioka-san, tell me, have you ever had any guilt that has been stuck with you until now? Or any traumatising experience before? - Shinobu

....... (on the verge of crying)

Tomioka-san, no matter what happens to you I will always be there for you. Keep that in mind. You can cry all you want here, let go of all the guilt and emotions you have bottled up for ages. I will not stop you. - Shinobu

After crying for at least 10 minutes (not enough time to let go of all of his emotions but ok) with shinobu comforting and hugging him

Thank you, Kocho.

No worries, Tomioka-san. Remember what I said, no matter what happens to you I will always be there for you. - Shinobu
Outside of the butterfly mansion (FINALLY) pov:
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I am finally out of that hospital, the smell of fresh air was refreshing. And the weather seems to be quite nice. What matters more is that I can go to missions by myself without anyone helping me and I can visit Tanjiro and his friends again. Talk about them, i should go visit them soon.  But for now, let's see if I got any missio-

TOMIOKA! - Kyojuro

What the-

Remember what I said a few days ago? It seems like you forgot, well then, can we go to my estate? Kanroji and Obanai are going to be there soon to talk to you about something. Let's now waste time now, let's go! - Kyojuro

Kyojuro grabs (carry) giyuu to his estate and is running like he is in a competition (he is but its a different one yk what I mean)

(he is very light for some reason, oh well, at least when I want Giyuu to be in a place where I want it won't be a problem) - Kyojuro
After arriving at the Rengoku Estate

Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

After arriving at Rengokus place, I was greeted there by Kanroji, Iguro and Senjuro. Rengokus father is sleeping in his room but that isn't our concern. Senjuro guided me into Rengokus room along with Kanroji and Iguro. There we will be doing what we were here in the first place. Although I don't know what we were going to do and I completely forgot what Rengoku said a few days ago considering I was literally carried here is suspect that it's going to be fun because of the people here. (spoilers: it will be fun but that's gonna end soon)

So Tomioka-San, there is an event that's about to happen near asakusa and the other hashiras including tanjiro and his friends will will be going there too! I'm sure Shinobu-San told you that already right? But if she hasn't, can you please join us to celebrate the event? It will start in 4 days. So if you did join, please let us know. Cause we will make sure everything is perfect for you! >w< - Mitsuri

Thank you Kanroji, also yes Kocho has already informed me about the event and I will decide sooner or later. Thank you for reminding me again.

Ah! It's no problem Tomioka-San, I mean, that's what friends do right? - Mitsuri

She sees me as friends? What did I do to her to make her think such a thing? I'm pathetic, no use and a time-waster. The only thing I am good at is taking more space in the universe. Iguro must also be jealous because of Kanroji spending time with me so not only I'm good at taking space I'm also good at making people feel bad. Not the guilt kind of bad, but the emotions such as sad, anger, disgust & way more. Wait a minute I shouldn't think such things like this I should be grateful for someone to even think of me as their friend  one day I will pay her bac-

Tomioka-san?! Tomioka?!! TOMIOKA!?! - UMAI guysakura mochi girl and bi ssssnake guy

HUh oh sorry I just zoned out, we can continue what you all just said.

Tomioka, please don't do that again. You made us worried. - bi ssssnake guy

That guy is capable of worrying someone like me? I don't think Iguro is even capable of worrying anyone except for Kanroji and his snake. I should not think like this maybe he hides his emotions too but I don't think that's the case considering how obvious he is in love with Kanroji. I should stop thinking before I zone out.

Once again I'm truly sorry to you all and I promise not to make the same mistake again.

Oh Tomioka, you don't have to be so formal! You can talk like how you feel comfortable with! After all, we are your friends! So please, no need to say it so formal! I'm also not a bit used to it! - Kyojuro

Ah, sorry Rengoku. I will do as you plea-

I just said that you don't need to be so formal around us! - Kyojuro

Ah, I'm sorry.

Tomioka-San, I just realised that you have been saying sorry for quite alot. It's okay, you don't need to say sorry for such situations like these. =) - mitsuri

Alright then, Kanroji. Now, let's get back to our topic shall we?

Actually, let's start a new topic - Kyojuro

May I ask what topic we will be discussing?

Actually, it's a topic that is related to you -Obanai          (Obama lol)

What is so interesting about me? There's nothing happening to me right now or recently apart from me getting out of that hospital.

No no, it is something we recently found out about you, so tell me, Tomioka. - Kyojuro

Rengoku starts having a worried and somehow angry smile. I think I have seen it before not long ago but where was it again?

Are you okay? - Kyojuro

Bruh here we go again
Taisho secrets

Shinobus bird sent the invitations to Tanjiro and his friends and when they heard about their father figure having a chance to be there they immediately accepted it.

Mitsuri, Obanai and Kyojuro had been stalking shinobu and giyuus talk for a short time before deciding to head back to Kyojuro place.

Obanai still likes Mitsuri but also Giyuu. The only reason why he blushes to Mitsuri more is cause Mitsuris uniform shows her thighs and *ahem* badonka doinks or the natural baby feeder while giyuu on the other hand wears a more covered and baggy uniform compared to Mitsuri

Mitsuri also likes Obanai as well as Giyuu (duh) and sometimes dreams of her with them having a happy family after the war is over

The butterfly girls or as I call it the nurse version of the power puff girls (Sumi, Naho & Kiyo) misses giyuu and also somtimes sees him as a big brother figure

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