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Unpopular opinion: mayonnaise is OVERRATED.
Shit I ran out of nickname ideas to call Giyuu (Giyuu) pov:

I had a dream.

An unpleasant one.

A mysterious one too.

There were eyes watching me....

I couldn't move...

I cried, i felt... Vulnerable.

I saw my sister and... Sabito?

She cried.

"If only I could of told you sooner, how could I forget this 'curse' of this family? If I told you more sooner... Would you be more safer?"

She said.

I was confused.

Huh? My family? A curse? What does she mean?

"Listen Giyuu, get out of the corps. Now. Before its too late."

Sabito said too me.

"But didn't you promised that we'd be hashiras together? Are you angry that you died instead of me?"

"if so... Then im sorry-" "No."

"I dont care if i couldnt be a hashira with you, its probably better if I died anyways."

"Listen, you HAVE to get out of the corps. Whether you like it or not. Its for your safety. If not, I fear the consequences of what will happen to you."

"The hashiras, they arent as good as you think."

"Shinobu, Tengen, Obanai... Almost all of them.... They have stal*** you, ****** you an* ******** w*-* *** u***** ******* o*** ******* *****. "

"Get out of here. immediately."

"Please...get out..."





And then I woke up.


I breathe heavily.

What was that dream....

What was Sabito trying to tell me? I couldnt hear it properly... It felt so blurry...

Why did I have that dream anyway?


Eh, it was probably just another random dream. Ill soon forget it anyway.

But... Where am I?

I looked around... Wait, this room is too familiar.

Ah fuck, im in the butterfly estate.

For some reason, my lungs felt odd. I couldnt pinpoint to exactly why, but it just felt weird. What even happened to me?

I kept thinking to myself, until i hear footsteps.

It was Kanao.

She was passing by carrying some new bedsheets and blankets probably for changing the beds. When she saw me seamlessly awake, her eyes widened.

She dropped the bedsheets and blankets and rushed by my side, crying. To be honest, this was the first time i've ever saw Kanao cry. Considering her quiet personality.

Y-you're.... Okay.... T-thank god.... - Kanao

Yeah... There there.... No need to cry... But what happened by the way?

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