Last Minute Chapter

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Poorly made chapter by a sleepy author
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

After watching the beautiful fireworks, we decided to buy some more stuff from the other shops. The fireworks lasted a pretty long time. 45 minutes, quite long right? Anyways, Kanroji found a well designed shop and we decided to head into it and look at the stuff. Again, I did not know what kind of shop it was. Maybe when I take a look at the stuff then I'll get a hint of what Is it.

Uwah! Look at that shop over there! It has quite a unique but good design! Let's check it out! - Mitsuri

As we head to the shop I look at the stuff that are on sale and saw kimonos, yakutas, haoris, hakamas and many more. Is this... A clothing shop?

Kanroji, what shop is this?

Oh! Tomioka-San, I'm pretty sure that it's a clothes shop cause of the items this shop sells, now that we are here, do you want to buy anything? I can pay for you if you want! - Mitsuri

Oh, thanks Kanroji, but I'm pretty sure that I have enough money to buy the items I want. Also, I don't know what to buy yet so you don't need to spend your money on me.

Aw, ok! But if you ever need some more cash to pay then I would be glad to help! - Mitsuri
UMAI guy (kyojuro) pov:

So, Kanroji found an interesting looking shop that turns out to be a clothing shop! I must say, the wallpaper of this shop looks really good! And the clothes designs also look quite decent as well! Maybe I should buy some clothes for me and Senjuro. Yeah, I should.

Senjuro! Do you want anything? The clothes quality and designs are quite okay.

Ah, I haven't made my decision yet. Maybe when I am done exploring the shop then I'll tell you. - Senjuro

Alright then!

Senjuro is gonna find what he wants to buy. In mean time, I'm gonna buy some good looking yakutas for the future if I ever receive a date with Tomioka! (in your dreams lmao)
Blah blah blah the other hashiras brought stuff from the shop. Wanna know what they brought? Idc if you don't want to I'm gonna show it to you anyway =)

Gyomei: a new haori cause it keeps getting dirty from him tripping cause he blind af

Sanemi: a new yakuta

Kyojuro: you know already

Giyuu: gloves to cover up his cuts

Mitsuri: pinkish kimono with heart shaped leaves as design

Obanai: a new haori

Shinobu: purple yakuta and pajamas

Uzui & his bitches: the flashiest shit they can find in the shop

Tanjiro: buys whatever his sister wants

Nezuko: pajamas.

Kanao: socks

Aoi: a new yukata

Genya: a nice hakama.

Zenitsu: socks out of pure boredom

Inosuke: nothing

Senjuro: a broom, don't know how he got that tho

And uhh yeah, that's what they all brought. They also played some games and then they went home cause I have no ideas on this chapter.
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

Finally, I'm home. Today was a fun but tiring day. (cause he had to use his social battery) oh well, what time is it? Its pretty dark right now. Let me check the clock... Holy shit, 12:25?! How long did I go out for? Oh well. Let's go take a quick bath and start my training. After that maybe I'll sleep. (keyword: maybe)
In the bathtub (cause I like showering)

I take of my kimono and the ribbon on my head along with the flower Kanroji or Iguro gave me. It looks very pretty to me, I know that the flowers that the others gave me are also quite nice but this flower kinda just... Glows I guess... Let me put it in a vase I somehow have in my bathroom. After that I set up the bathtub and let myself sink into the warmth of the water.

After bathing, I quickly changed into my uniform and started training for 2 hours nonstop. I went to the kitchen to get some water and continued training until I see the sunrise. That means I can stop training and take a quick 20 minute nap before I get my mission. Oh wait I should take a bath again cause I'm covered in sweat and I should wear my uniform right now. Yeah.

Blah blah after he did all of that im to lazy to write cause I'm sleepy rn

Caw caw! Tomioka Giyuu you have a mission to complete! Caw caw you have a mission to complete! You have a mission to-       - Kanzaburo

I know, kanzaburo. I'll give you snacks later. Thanks for telling that I have a mission.

Caw! Caw! =3 - Kanzaburo

May I ask where the mission is?

Caw caw! Its at a village near North South! - Kanzaburo

... What? Umm... I guess I'll get the full information from master then.

After getting to the masters place

Knock, knock.

Who's there? - Amane

Tomioka Giyuu, water pillar.

Oh, okay. Let me inform Oyakata-sama first please. - Amane


Hello my dear water hashira, are you here to get full information about your next mission again? - Kagaya

Yes master.

Very well, come in. - Kagaya


So, how was yesterday? I heard that you did come to the festival with the other hashiras right? - Kagaya

It was... Good.

I'm glad to hear that my child, now, on to the main topic. The mission you will have is located at a village near the North. It has a lot of farms in there but there was recently reports from farmers that the crops are getting destroyed along with a few people that have been killed near farms. Usually the farmers wives. It is your duty to find out what has been causing these kinds of chaos. I suspect that its most likely a demon and not just a random virus of insects. Anyways, that is all the information I have for now. Do you have anything you want to say? - Kagaya

No master.

Alright then, you may go now. - Kagaya

So, a demon that not only kills people but also destroys crops huh? Sounds like a 13 year old child who doesn't like vegetables to me. Oh well, might as well get going to my mission now.
Taisho secrets

The author does not know that if they spelled Kagaya's wife's name right or not

A slayer passed by from Giyuus estate and now wonders why tf does he train at 4 am

Author is going to sleep right now.
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