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So my school had a drawing competition and uh yeah
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

So uh Muichiro decided to join us in delivering food to Rengoku before going back to his estate and do his own thing. He said that even though he did not spend time as much as usual today but at least he can spend time with us right now. How nice of him. But I should stop inosuke from running away first. I can't risk losing him after I lost Tsutako and Sabito...

After 2 seconds of catching up w/ inosuke


Gah? Dad? - Inosuke

Stop running away from us, what if you get lost? You would have no food or water to survive out there.

... >:(  - Inosuke

Now let's go back, I'm sure that Tanjiro and the others are worried about you.

After getting back

Dad! Inosuke! Your here! Now that everyone is here we can go deliver the food to Rengoku-San. Senjuro-kun you can go home after we give the food to your brother cause its getting a bit late right now. - Tanjiro

Alright Tanjiro-kun, I didn't realise that it was gonna be late soon. Thanks for reminding me that. - Senjuro

No problem! Now let's go, I'm afraid that the food is already cold since this is the last one to deliver. So in order to not get it even more cold we should get there faster! - Tanjiro

A few minutes later

Dad, can I knock on the door with you? Not that I'm afraid since this is literally my house but I just want to let my brother or father know that your here cause they say that they are good at detecting if there is something or someone here. If they see you then they will think that the other person they detected was you. Also I think that my brother would be happy to see you again. - Senjuro

Rengoku? Happy to see me? No way, all I did was just train with him, Kanroji and Iguro yesterday. He won't miss me that much right? (oh you mad wrong)

Sure, I don't see any problem with that.

Yay! - Senjuro

Knock knock

Hello? Who is it? - Kyojuro
UMAI guy (kyojuro)

I was cleaning my haori cause I noticed that there was some dark spots on the bottom. I guess the dirt and dust got it dirty. When I was almost done I heard s knock from my door. That's a bit odd, usually no one would come here at this time. The sun is settling down and it's getting a bit dark. Could it be Senjuro? I haven't seen him since in the morning. I'll just ask who is it in case if it's not.

Hello? Who is it?

Brother! It's me Senjuro and Tomioka-San! - Senjuro

Oh, so I was right. It is Senjuro. Wait a minute- TOMIOKA? Hell yeah I get to have my crushes attention 2 days in a row! But I thought that Senjuro said he would spend time with the Kamado boy and his friends. Did he spend time with Tomioka too? I wish that I could also be with him. I know that I literally trained with him, Kanroji and Iguro yesterday but that hasn't satisfied me yet. Should I invite Tomioka for some tea? Yeah maybe I should-

Um, hello? Brother? - Senjuro

Oh! Sorry, I'm coming right now!

Opens dorr (I totally did not purposely spell that wrong)

Hello Senjuro and Tomioka! Senjuro, please come in! It's getting a bit late.

Ah, ok brother. - Senjuro

So Tomioka, what brings you here with my brother? Did he perhaps spend time with you? I thought that he only spent time with the Kamado boy and his friends.

Hello Rengoku, and yes Senjuro did spend time with me along with Tanjiro and his friends. We made food for all of the hashiras including you. Senjuro and I made you miso soup with sweet potatoes. I heard that it was your favourite food so I helped making it. It may be a bit cold since we made it a while ago but I hope you can enjoy it if you ever do try it. - Giyuu

Tomioka making me food? That's almost unbelievable! Not saying that it's cursed but I'm just saying that Tomioka would make a perfect husband if we ever do get married. A handsome face and can cook? Hell yeah!

Thank you for the food Tomioka! I will savour every bite I take!

Ah...Your welcome. I will get going now, its getting a bit late. - Giyuu

Tomioka wait! Do you have enough time to have some tea with me? I know it's getting late but I want to spend more time with you.

... Thank you for the offer Rengoku. But I have to decline it, I have other duties to fulfil thus making me not having enough time. I am sorry. With that said I shall get going now, tell Senjuro I said goodbye. - Giyuu

Aw, well then Goodbye Tomioka! Hope to see you again soon!

Alright, so now he left. I was hoping that he could have tea with me but I understand that it was getting late. Other than that the food Tomioka help Senjuro made looks so damn delicious. I should save it for dinner soon.
Taisho secrets

Tanjiro, Giyuu and the others all went to their separate ways when going home

Kyojuro did tell Senjuro that Giyuu said goodbye to him

Shinjuro was sleeping during the conversation of Kyojuro and Giyuu

Author is sad that they could not make it past 1000 words =(
938 words =(

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