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This text is just here to distract you.
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:


Mhm, k. I'll be on my way.

I have arrived to masters estate and the first thing I noticed is that the door is already opened. Odd, but oh well.

Knock knock

Come in. - Kagaya

... Hello master.

Tengen is here, no wonder why the door wasn't closed. Although I wonder why he called us here.

Hello Giyuu, as you can see. Tengen is here as well. The reason why I asked you guys to come here is cause I want you guys to be paired up for a mission. - Kagaya

Master, may I ask the details of the mission? - Tengen

Ah yes, the details of the mission is that in a village near Mt. _______, there were reports of unusual creatures roaming around at night. Some say that they saw many of them in groups and some say that they saw dead bodies usually in the alleyways. I highly suspect that its a group of demons, I did send some other slayers in the past but no one came back. That is why I sent 2 hashiras, you guys to deal with this mess. - Kagaya

Yes, master. - Man hoe, Emo guy

Good, that is all I want to say. You may both go now. - Kagaya


Sooo, wanna race? - Tengen

Huh? Why?

You know... To be there more quicker and to makes things more fun! - Tengen

... Ok.

They did zoomies, Tengen was a little bit faster than Giyuu cause he's a former shinobi ofc 😒

Huff, huff, wow Tomioka! I didn't expect you to be so fast! You should race with me again later when we come back. - Tengen

... Mhm.

Tomioka, you should stop saying 'mhm'. It would make you sound boring! Try saying 'Yes Tengen I will definitely race you back once we are done with this mission' instead! - Tengen

... Ok. But 'Tengen'?

Yes? - Tengen

No I mean that should I say 'yes Tengen I'll race you back after we're done with this' or should I just use your last name?

Silly Tomioka, of course you can use my first name! Use it when you are with my wives or when no one is around! I don't mind at all. - Tengen

Oh, okay. Ill.... Let you call me my first name too then.

Really? Thanks. - Tengen


... Bruh. - Tengen

At night

... Do you want to split up to find the demons?

Nah, just as master said, they usually come in groups so just to be safe let's go together! - Tengen

3rd person pov:

As they were walking in the cold night, the only source of light being the lanterns hanging around people's house, Giyuu remember that Kagaya said there some dead bodies in or near the alleyways so he suggested Tengen to check out one of the alleyways near them. There was a demon feasting on a corpse but was quickly slain by Giyuu due to his quick reaction which kinda left Tengen surprised.

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