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Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

After we delivered the food to Kanroji, the kids and I would go to the nearest hashira estate from Kanroji other than Himejima. I'm pretty sure you already know who's the person I'm talking about. It's of course the serpent pillar, Iguro. No surprise if he was the closest to Kanroji. I mean, it's literally obvious that he's in love with her. So obvious that even a blind person could see it. (talking about Gyomei) But I don't think that they won't be a good couple, In fact, I think they would be one of the cutest couples to ever exist. I do hope that after the final war they could live together in peace. (with you)

So, which hashira do we have to go next? We still have Iguro-San, Rengoku-San and Muichiro-San. - Tanjiro

I think its the serpent pillar Iguro, it wouldn't be a surprise if he was also close to The love estate. - Kanao

I was thinking about that too. And I'm sure that we would be going to Iguros next. Sometimes I visit Himejima and when ever I'm on my way home I would see glimpses of the love estate and another hashira estate that I'm not sure of but I know its not Rengokus or Muichiros so it must be Iguros. - Genya

Then let's go! We don't want the Konbu to be cold right? - Tanjiro

Mmm hmm! (I agree!) - Nezuko

Very well then, let's go.

Idk like 73 seconds later

At Obanais estate

I think that dad should this time go alone, after all, he did make the food all by himself. - Tanjiro

Alright then, let's not waste any more time in talking and actually deliver the food to Iguro. - Genya

Knock knock

Who's there? - Obanai

Tomioka Giyuu, water pillar.

K wait. - Obanai
Bi sssnake guy (Obanai) pov:

I was feeding my pet snake kaburamaru when suddenly I heard the door. That's odd, no one usually visits me. So who is it?

Who's there?

Tomioka Giyuu, water pillar. - Giyuu

Huh? Tomioka? What is he doing here? I mean I am glad he came to visit me but for what reason? He rarely visits anyone except for that Kamado boy that was on trial and his friends. Does he need anything from me? I don't have anything special other than my pet snake but I'm sure that Tomioka isn't the type of guy to use anything with a snake. Maybe he is gonna give something to me, that's the only thing I could think of. Enough thinking I should open the door right now if not that would make a bad impression to my dear crush.

K wait.

I opened the door and saw Tomioka holding something. So I was right, he is gonna give something to me. But I could not forget the fact that my crush would give something to me. That's like a one in a million chance for that to happen.

Hello Iguro, sorry for interrupting your time but me and Tanjiro along with his friends made food for the other hashiras including you. I made you tororo-konbu, Kanroji told me that it was your favourite so I decided to make it for you. I haven't made Tororo-konbu for a while so if its not good I understand. - Giyuu

He gave me the food by putting it on my hands. holy shit his hands are soft as hell. I wish I could touch it forever. I take a look at the food and it looks better than most restaurants I've been to. Im gonna eat this as slow as possible to savour the taste.

Thank you for your time Iguro, I will leave now. - Giyuu

W-wait! Thank you for the food...

... Your welcome. - Giyuu

And just like that he left. I will never forget the feeling when Tomioka touched my hands. It feels like literal heaven that anyone would want to go. But it's not such a surprise, he looks like a goddess himself so his touch should also feel like it. Oh well, for now let's go feast on this masterpiece (the food).
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

Ok, two more to go. Not to mention its getting a bit late, I wonder what time is it.

Dad! Are you done yet!? - Inosuke

Shush, you don't need to shout right now. - Kanao

Don't tell me what to do! - Inosuke

*smacks* I said shut up. - Kanao

Yes Inosuke, I am done. Let's go to Muichiros estate, its not far from here and I'm preety sure that hes back from his mission already.

Alright then, let's not waste time any more and let's go! - Tanjiro

A few minutes later

You know what let's just not waste anymore time and knock on the door right now. - Genya

Sure! Should we all do it together? - Tanjiro

I don't see any problem with it. Yeah sure why not? -Genya

Knock knock knock knock knock

Yeah wait I'm coming. - Muichiro

Opens door

Hello Muichiro-San! We are sad that you cannot hang out with us today so in order to try and make it up for that we made you furofuki daikon. Dad helped us in making the miso sause. - Tanjiro

Thanks everyone, I'm so sorry for not joining you all. I'm gonna put food in my fridge wait a second. - Muichiro

8 seconds later

K I'm back - Muichiro

Alright, now that we delivered the food to you it's time to deliver the food to Rengoku-sans estate. - Tanjiro

Huh? You made food for Rennoku too? - Muichiro

Um, it's Rengoku not Rennoku Muichiro-San... - Senjuro

Oh yeah, anyways you made food for Rengoku too? - Muichiro

We made food for all of the hashiras Muichiro, Rengoku is the last one for us to deliver the food and we will be done.

Oh, thanks dad. - Muichiro

Your welcome.

Ok let's go now! *runs like naruto* - Inosuke

Inosuke wait up! You might get lost! - Tanjiro
Taisho secrets

Kanao does not use the coin around her friends and Giyuu

Muichiro would only remember the people names if he cares about them. For example: Kagaya (oyakata), Tanjiro, Giyuu and the rest of his friends

The kids once betted who would would eventually become Giyuus lover in the future. They still haven't forgotten that bet

Senjuro has a metal broom in his yukata (don't ask me how it fits in there) in case of emergency of if he REALLY hates a person then he would use it.
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