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School is being a bitch, and so is my mom. (sorry mom) Like why did she even sign me up for 4 fucking competitions at the same time? Its like she thinks that I have so much free time. Its almost like she has completely forgotten that I have school and tuition homework that I stay up late just to complete them.

But I dont want to keep you guys waiting for so long, so heres some more facts about my demon slayer au.

Aoi likes blackberry cheesecake alot, it is one of her favourite foods.

Kanao likes to blow bubbles with her friends, she usually blows bubbles with Sumi, Naho and Kiyo since most of the time they are free.

When bored, Zenitsu likes to read peoples minds by consentrating his hearing. This fact is also canon, and he found out some juicy secrets from some people. Mostly his friends.

Hayate Tomioka is NOT the water hashira from the Sengoku era, he is a character made by me for the purpose of this story. The actual water hashira from the Sengoku era was Yusuke Mizuhara.

It is unknown why, but every child from the Tomioka family has a harem. The harem will either stabilize or increase every generation, and they become more obsessive too! So far, Giyuu has the most harem members out of all of his ancestors with a wooping 11 harem members! (that we know of right now)

Giyuus mother knew about the history of the Tomioka family and the fact that every child from it will have an obsessive harem. She already told Tsutako about it but didnt tell it to Giyuu cause he was very young at that time. Its a shame that Giyuus mother died before telling Giyuu about it.

Tsutako had a harem of 10 members! Damn, the person that was about to marry her was one lucky person.

Kagaya is aware of the Tomioka family history. But he didnt worry too much because from the comments of the other hashiras, they say that Giyuu is an anti-social person. And most of the harem members get to know about the Tomiokas for 1-2 years before falling obsessed with them. Little did he know...

Sanemis crow and rhinoceros beetle get along with eachother very well. They would vibe together when Sanemi isnt at home.

Mitsuris bunny is named cutiepie despite having the personality of a volcano filled with demons.

Mitsuris bunny got some beef with the bees.

Gyomei has alot of cats. And when one of them dies, he would hold a mini funeral and would bring all of his cats including Genya to mourn the deceased cat.

Kanzaburo has grandchildren. I wonder where they are...

In heaven, Sabito, Makomo and Tsutako are very good friends. They would sometimes watch on what Giyuu is doing or gossip about other people they know of.

When Giyuu was 17-18, he met a western photographer during a mission. The photographer thought that Giyuu was attractive and would make good advertisements with his face so they gave him a shit ton of clothes to try on and made him do various of poses Giyuu didnt even know existed. It took 8 hours for the photographer to be satisfied with the amount of photos they took of Giyuu. And by the end of that Giyuu was tired af, atleast he got to keep the clothes though.

Giyuu likes reading books. Fiction, cooking, novels or anything related to these types of genres are his favourites.

Sometimes, when some of the hashira are horknee, they would master bait while thinking about Giyuu. However, sometimes it does not work reliving their horkneeness cause they just get horknee-er. Also, please just pretend that this fact does not exist and it was all just your imagination.

Tanjiro has memorized some peoples scents, wanna know how they smell like? Well I'll tell you!

Tanjiro thinks that Zenitsu smells like tears, peaches and thunder!

For Inosuke its animal fur, dirt and pride?...

Kanao smells like flowers and soap...?

Genya smells like metal and demon flesh.

Nezuko smells like bamboo, sugar and flowers.

Giyuu smells like water, tears, sadness and salmon.

Aoi smells like flowers and water.

Senjuro smells like tempura, fire and sugar.

Muichiro smells like...I forgot....jk, he smells like mist, cloud and mint.

Kyojuro smells like tempura, fire, and overly sweetened honey?

Gyomei smells like tears, holy water? And cat fur.

Shinobu smells like anger, hatred, poison, medicine, flowers and overly sweetened honey?

Sanemi smells like ohagi, anger and overly sweetened honey?

Obanai smells like snake skin, jealousy and overly sweetened honey?

Tengen smells like pride, flamboyancey and overly sweetened honey?

Mitsuri smells like sakura mochi, flowers and overly sweetened honey?

hmm... I wonder why almost every hashira has the scent of overly sweetened honey... Is there a meaning to it? Maybe we'll find out in the future...

Did you know? The hashira prefers to call Zenitsu by his first name. Thats because his last name means 'my wife' and that title clearly belongs to Giyuu. According to most hashiras.

And thats it! Goodbye and have a nice day! Maybe we'll have another of these fact chapters if you're interested in them.

question for the readers,

What did you think that the overly sweetened honey means?
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