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I pour cereal after milk.
At like, 5 am or something idk:

A simp for two (obanai) pov:

Ngh... Ah, is it morning already....?...... Oh, the sky still looks dark. Guess not. I noticed someone laying next to me, oh! Right, I invited to that I let him borrow a spare pajama that was a bit too big for me. I thought that it would fit him perfectly seeing that he's bigger than me but it still seems a bit lose. Oh well, at least it still covers him up. But then I realised, his back was facing me. His neck fully exposed due to the pajama being lose. His neck looks.... Soft. So smooth and... Sweet... It looks like milk candy. I wonder if I can eat it... Wait no, no, what was I even thinking? Biting someones neck? How ridiculous... But a taste of it won't hurt right? He's not awake yet... Hopefully. I'm sure he won't feel it. (a/n: wtf Obanai)

I snuggled up to him near his neck, I brushed the small strands of hair aside and licked his neck. Hey, it surprisingly does taste like milk candy! The most sweetest one at that. He doesn't seem to have any signs of being awake soon... It won't hurt if I taste more... I licked his neck a few times. The licks then turn into sucks. (a/n: yes, he sucked his neck. Ewww) and then the sucks turned into me giving him light or medium hickeys. Eventually I decide that it was enough for me and went to sleep like nothing happened😀.
Timeskip to 8 am.

Depressed man (giyuu) pov:

Mgm... Hhmm...*yawns* mm... Huh? Where am I?.... Oh, I'm at Iguros house if I recall. That was a nice nap. But my neck feels weird. It feels a bit stingy for some reason. I touched to see if it was okay but it was just a bit pain. That's all. I probably just slept in an uncomfortable position. Yeah, anyways, I turned to see if Iguro is still in bed and he was. Then I quickly noticed something... His face doesn't have any bandages on. I always wanted to see what's underneath the bandages but didn't ask him as I didn't want to disturb his privacy of trigger and bad memories from it. So I kept quiet. He had a huge scar on his face and his cheeks that doesn't look natural. It was definitely someone or something did it. That person who probably did it is a sick fuck. I think Iguro is probably insecure about his scar thus not showing it to anyone but Kaburamaru and himself. Poor Iguro. I'll pretend I didn't see it.

I got out of the bed and made breakfast for Iguro. While I was making it I felt something crawling around my arm. I checked what it was and it was Kaburamaru.

Oh hey there, want some food?

*hisss* that a yes?


You probably do, here, take this.

I gave Kaburamaru a piece of fish that I was cooking but they denied it. Then I realised that I don't exactly know what snakes eat.

.... Oh, sorry, may I ask what do you eat again?

Kaburamaru slithered out my arm and went to the fridge. I opened it and they climbed to get a ziplock bag. I examine the bag and realised that it was filled with dead mice.

Oh, so that what you eat. Do I have to unfreeze it or do you just straight up eat it like that?


... So like, is that a no or...?

I don't recommend you to just straight up feed my snake with frozen mice, I'm afraid it might give them brain freeze. I recommend you to unfreeze it using boiling water for a few minutes then give it to them. - Obanai

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