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Just woke up from a 13 hour nap, still feeling tired though.

Expect something similar from the 'fuck you butterfry' chapter at the end of this. Dw atleast its still better than what Shinobu did to Giyuu. I think.
Delicious air pov:

It was the day Giyuu, Tengen and his wives go to the entertainment district together. To be honest, Giyuu doesnt even know why he accepted their offer of visiting that district. But he agreed so theres no turning back now.  It would be rude if he suddenly didn't come.

Giyuu decided to wear an outfit he randomly found in his closet that he doesnt even remember buying it. It was a plain red kimono with beautiful flowers on the bottom. It also came with many shiny jewelry attached to it. Kinda reminds Giyuu of the type of clothing Tengen wears.

He packed some money just in case something happens and wore his sandals before exiting the door of his house.

He walked to Tengens house. Usually, whenever someone invited him to somewhere, he would just go there. But unfortunately he is unfamiliar with the location of the entertainment district so he'll just go there with Tengen along with his wives.


The door immediately opened.

GIYUU! Im surprised that you even came! Me and my wives are already prepared to go there. If you arrived any later, we would have ran to your house and dragged you there anyway, so thanks for coming just in time! - Tengen

Suma came behind Tengen.

Eek! Tomioka-san, you look very handsome in that kimono! - Suma

Sumas cheeks (not ass cheeks) became red. Like, really red. Giyuu noticed it and got worried.

Uzui... Your cheeks are very red... Are you perhaps sick? - Giyuu

Huh? Are you talking about me or...? - Tengen

I meant Suma. - Giyuu

Oh. - Tengen

Ah! No no, im fine really! - Suma

If you say so... - Giyuu

Hinatsuru came behind Tengen, the Makio too. Their eyes widened and cheeks (again, not ass cheeks) became red at the sight of seeing Giyuu wearing the kimono that they put in his closet- *cough, cough*. I mean wearing the kimono that Giyuu definitely brought from a clothing shop.

Hinatsuru locked the door of their house, indicating that it's time to go.

The five walked peacefully while talking about random shit. It was evening, by the time they got to the entertainment district, the sky was as dark as my soul and the most noticable aspect of the district was the shit ton of lights placed throughout the whole district. Jeez, I wonder how high the electricity bill is...

Giyuu covered his eyes as it was too bright. Tengen noticed that and thought it was cute...?

Hm? Not used to being in a bright place? - Tengen

No.... - Giyuu

Haha! Dont worry, maybe someday you will cause I will again invite you to come here in the future. - Tengen

Oh...Now that we are here, what do we do? - Giyuu

Well, I thought why not-    -Tengen

Everyone, move out of the way! Lady Warabihime is coming! - ???

Everyone including Tengen, Giyuu and Tengens wives went to the side. Making the center have a huge space for whats gonna come.

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