What do I name this part

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Scrumptious air pov:

Giyuu woke up and found himself to be staring at the ceiling, realizing that its not his wallpaper, he wanted to get out of bed and see what had happened but suprise suprise he can't.

He turned his head around the side and saw white hair, with black. And a bit of yellow. Whose hair are they?

Hm... The white hair might be Sanemi or Tengen. But Sanemis hair is much shorter and is almost like a beige color compared to Tengen. And Tengens hair is just white, I guess. So Giyuu believes that the person that he slept with in a non-dirty way is Tengen. Unless its a random old man.

Now for the black hair....It may be his but im sure Giyuu dosent have THAT much hair, right? And with some yellow hair...

Oh yeeeaah, Giyuu went to drink with Tengen and his wives and he does not know what happened after. He probably got blackout drunk and Tengen sent him home. Just like he said. But did he specify which house he wanted Tengen to put him in? I dont think so. So hes probably in Tengen and his wives house.

Giyuu tried to get out of bed, trying to kick Tengens arm and Makios legs of him. Keyword: tried, he failed. Instead, Tengens grip got tighter. Poor Giyuu.
ICantThinkOfAGoodNickNameForHim (Giyuu) pov:


Tengens grip is so unnecessarily tight, is he actually asleep or is he just pretending?

Sigh, I just wished that I had high alcohol tolerance.

I lightly kicked Hinatsurus legs to try and wake her up and possibly help me get out of Tengens grip. Every minute that she didnt wake up I would apply more force onto my kicking. Eventually I decided to try wake Suma up but that didnt work either. They're in such a deep slumber. Geez, what time did they even sleep?

At the end, I just gave up. Guess I could try falling asleep again.


Nope, didnt work. Why should the sunlight be staring onto my face? The worse part is that I cant even move. Ugh.



Im bored...

Okay, back to 3rd pov because I like randomly switching povs:

Giyuu tried going back to sleep but sadly, there is a floating deadly lazer beam up in space that just couldn't simply let the man fall unconscious that easily. Plus, hes pretty used to staying awake for a week straight so im sure a few more hours of staying awake wont affect him. Right?

Anyways, After like, 48.3 minutes of getting sunlight to annoy Giyuus eyes, Makio was finally awake! And did you know what she did?

She only closed the curtains so that the sunlight couldn't come into their room anymore. And she just fell back to sleep again. She did it so fucking fast to the point where Giyuu couldn't even react to it. If she did it more slower then maybe Giyuu could've escaped out of the bed and go back home. Tbh hes just tired of randomly passing out and waking up to a whole other place. Poor guy.

Thankfully, Muichiro was nearby. With his crow ofc. He was at the entrance to the Uzuis house. Apparently, he was in a paired up mission with the (non-)flamboyant Uzui Tenbitch who is, currently, sleeping like a fucking fat housedog.

Muichiro & Ginko had waited for about 15 minutes outside knocking the door almost non-stop so obviously they were annoyed so Ginko decided to do a pro move. Scream at the top of her lungs for someone to open the door.

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