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Guess who just posted after disappearing like Giyuus dad for 3-4 weeks

Giyuu is almost as flexible as Mitsuri, he is the second most flexible hashira. (Mitsuri would somtimes try to convince Giyuu to train with her, that's why.)

Sometimes, Tanjiro would teach Senjuro how to fight without a sword because Senjuro wanted to know how to defend himself if anything happens.

Good news! Giyuu hasn't been cutting himself that much lately. his wounds are slowly healing.  =) Too bad that a specific uppermoon had to increase the waiting time for that...

Giyuu has reading books as one of his hobbies, also he knows alot of random facts like "Australia is wider than the moon" or "ketchup was once used as medicine" yk something like that.

Zenitsu does not like Shinobu that much. He once tried to read her mind using his really good sense of hearing, and her thoughts are... Disturbing... To say the least.

Kyojuro has a breeding kink. As well as a degrading kink.

Giyuu does not really like the sweets or pastries Mitsuri makes, he thinks it's a little too sweet for his liking. Sorry Mitsuri.

Giyuu should really get a safe for his undergarments, it keeps getting stolen and he dosent know who tf is the theif(s) >:(

Recently, Gyomei has been inviting Giyuu to have a picnic with him once in a while. They talk about cats and food or whatever.

Giyuu likes cats and vice versa, however this is the opposite when it comes to dogs.

Kagaya has recently noticed a slight change of Shinobu and some of the other hashiras mood becoming happier, however, he feels like there is something fishy going on to the reason behind this.

Daki drew Giyuu to make sure that she doesn't forget him, she really wants to find out how Giyuu could catch her attention so easily....

Inosuke can actually sense the cameras in Giyuus house whenever he and the rest of the kamaboko squad visits Giyuu. At first he thought they were security cameras but then he started to question why tf were there so many cameras in Giyuus bathroom alone. Also he broke some of the cameras. Props to you Inosuke! 👏👏

Uppermoon 4 is still actively looking for Giyuu, despite having a slight change at the characteristics, they still believe that he is Hayate. Fuckin delulus.

Kaburamaru is good friends with Chachamaru. Whenever Obanai finishes fighting a strong demon, Chachamaru will come and pick up the blood and Kaburamaru would have a nice chat with them. Kaburamaru is also interested on how Chachamaru can easily just disappear and reappear again.

Tengen has a whole collection of shrex toys, like- gawddam bro how fucking horny are you???

Sanemis and Obanai act like such a fucking tsudere around Giyuu whenever they're alone and I'm still surprised that Giyuu actually still believes that they hate him like- bitch they act like Osana from yandere simulator tf you mean they hate you???

There used to be alot of gossip about Giyuu from the lower ranked slayers, now there's none cause the hashiras beat the shit out of the gossipers to the point where they had to literally retire.

Kanzaburo is like a mother figure towards Nijimaru. Whenever Nijimaru is upset, the buff mice or Kanzaburo would try and comfort them. Sometimes Kanzaburo also brings food for Nijimaru whenever they accomplished something.

Nijimaru has 4 unofficial wives, like owner like pet am I right?

One time, when Tanjiro found out about Genya being able to consume demons, he decided to cook some demon flesh for Genya. The look of horror from Genya when Tanjiro pulled out a plate of teriyaki glazed demon flesh was priceless.

Nezuko obviously respects the hashiras and likes them. However, recently her opinion slightly changed about them as she had a gut feeling to not trust them too much. Weird... Am I right?

It was said that canonly, Giyuus parents died due to an illness. But what if we change that up a bit?

instead of an illness, Giyuus mother killed his dad. Then she got the death penalty. After finding out that Giyuus mom was putting c-men into his food AND spying him, Giyuus father was morbidly disgusted and scared of his partner. So he decided to divorcé her. Obviously she didnt like the idea of them getting divorced so one day, Giyuus mother poisoned his dads food. Once he ate it (Giyuus mother force-fed him), he quickly had a burning sensation in his throat. He fell to the ground and started coughing up blood while she squated beside him and said the words something like: "If I can't have you, no one can."

Once he died, Giyuus mother cleaned up the mess and hid the body. Grooming it and kind of preserving it. Whenever the kids (Tsutako and Giyuu) asked where their dad is, she'll just make an excuse saying things like 'Oh well hes on a business trip' or smt. The village quickly noticed the disappearance of Giyuus father and once investigating and finding out what had happened, they sent Giyuus mother the death penalty where she died. The villagers didnt tell what had exactly happened to the kids when questioned where their parents are since they were too young to know so they just told them that they died from an illness.

Okay, that might have been a bit too detailed but whatever.

Not so fun fact: when announced that Tsutako has been murdered, her fiance became depressed and blamed everything onto Giyuu. He even tried to hit him with a glass bottle once. Luckily that was prevented by some villagers. Eventually he just killed himself, hoping to see Tsutako again in heaven BUT unfortunately was sent to hell due to all the crazy shit that he did to Tsutako. (yk spying her and all that shit)

Giyuu taught Kanzaburo how to play shoju. Now he wont be alone whenever he plays shoju anymore! 😀 (please correct me if i spelled the game name wrong)

Genya can use other guns other than a shotgun. He can use snipers, pistols, revolvers, soviet assult rifles...etc.

Giyuu and Kanae used to be close friends. Some even mistaken them as a couple, which would be bad news to the hashira for obvious reasons if it was true. Well, except for Muichiro, Gyomei & Sanemi. Sanemi had a hella huge crush on both of them before so he wouldn't mind if they were a couple. As long as he gets to join them too.

Zenitsu is an extremely good author, sometimes writing stories in his free time. Nezuko and Tanjiro like to read his stories once in a while.

Kyojuro would absolutely get turned on by bondage. Oh yeah and he sometimes imagines Giyuu wearing bondages or cuffs. What a horny motherless guy.

Kanao has slight ocd. If anything goes in the wrong order then she will be extremely uncomfortable.

It is said that the men in the Ubayashiki family were raised as girls when they are a kid. So Kiriya would sometimes forget that he is a boy and then be shocked when he goes to pee.
Kiriya: Why do I have a pp 😱???

Shinobu can only tolerate butterflies, bees and dragonflies. She gets absolutely disgusted when she is in contact with another type of insect. (I just know the comments will say smt like: "Hey Shitnobu I just got you a present 🤩! Its a box of mosquitoes!!! 😍😍😍)

And finally, Murata is allergic to chicken eggs.

BOOM! surprised to see that im back? Well dont be cause I will disappear for another few weeks! Hahaha! Help me.
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