Asakusa Part 3

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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

So uh Rengoku will be leading us to a restaurant that he said has good quality food. Speaking of food, I wonder if there's salmon daikon. Hopefully there is.

Hello sir, how many people did you bring? - Waiter

20 people including me sir! - Kyojuro

Oh my, that's a lot of people. Do you mind if I put half of the people to another table? I'm afraid that 1 isn't enough for the amount of people you brought. - Waiter

Sure! I don't mind, the kids can go in the next table. - Kyojuro

Alright then, it is settled. Please take a seat right there with two empty tables. - Waiter

Table 1 :

Uzui + his bitches

Table 2 :


So, what do you guys want? - Shinobu

What's on the menu? - Mitsuri

Here take a look -Shinobu

*inserts Japanese food idk any of them*

Oh! That's a lot of interesting food here. I'll take the wakame udon with egg along with the sakura ice cream dessert please! - Mitsuri

Let me take a look at the menu, Ah! Ill have the ramen with sweet potatoes with the side of tempura please! - Kyojuro

Kyojuro, my friend, let me look at the menu with my wives please! - Tengen

Sure! Here you go! - Kyojuro

Just as I thought, I'll have the fugu-sashi please! - Tengen

I'll have some ebiko and tamago sushi with the side of miso soup! - Suma

Maybe ill have the Soba and Okonomiyaki please! - Makio

I'll also have the okonomiyaki too but I want a salmon onigiri. - Hintsuru

Maybe ill have some cold soba if it's on the menu. - Obanai

Sure! What about you Shinazugawa, Himejima and Tomioka? - Tengen

Some miso soup with rice is fine. - Gyomei

... I'll have some omurice and some ohagi. - Sanemi

Okay and what about you Tomioka? - Tengen

Um.... Salmon daikon please..... - Giyuu

Then it is settled, waiter! We are ready to order! - Tengen

So uhh what do you guys want? - Genya

Wait let me see the menu first. - Zenitsu


Can I have the Zenzai with rice cakes please? - Zenitsu

Sure, what about the others? - Genya

That western drink you call soda, heard it was sweet. Also some salmon sushi. - Kanao

Egg mayo onigiri and matcha ice cream please. - Aoi

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