Asakusa Part 2

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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

After getting Uzui along with his wives to join us, we went to the shop that Tokito pointed at. The shops design looks like a garden far away, could it be a herb shop? If so, then I wonder what kind of herbs Tokito wants. Or maybe he just thought that the designs of the shop looked cool and wanted to check it out. I don't blame him though, he is a child curious about everything.

After arriving at the shop

Wah! There are so many plants here! We should get some! - Mitsuri

I agree with Mitsuri-San, I might need some herbs for some medicine and poisons. - Shinobu

Those flowers look vibrant and colourful. Shinobu-sama, can we get those flowers along with some other stuff? - Aoi

Of course Aoi! After all, I am a pillar. You could get some stuff for your friends too! - Shinobu

Thank you, Shinobu-sama. - Aoi

Aoyee! What's this thing? Can I eat it?! - Inosuke

It's Aoi! And second of all that's a fake plant. You can't eat it. - Aoi

Why not!? - Inosuke

... It tastes bad, really bad. - Aoi

... Oh. - Inosuke

Look Nezuko! There is candy on top of the register. Let me ask if we could get some. - Tanjiro

Hmm! (OK!) - Nezuko

Excuse me miss, but can we take some candy you have there? I think my sister wants them. - Tanjiro

Of course dear, it's free. You can take all you want and we would refill it later. - cashier

Thank you miss! I will take one for all of my friends. - Tanjiro

In total he got 18 pieces of candy. One for each of the kamaboko squad + Aoi, Muichiro, Senjuro & the hashiras

Here you go Nezuko! - Tanjiro

Mhmm! (yay!) - Nezuko

Zenitsu, Inosuke, here's some candy. - Tanjiro

Thanks Tanjiro! - Zenitsu

Kanao, Aoi, here's some candy I got. Please help yourself. - Tanjiro

Thanks, Tanjiro. - Aoi

Thank you, Tanjiro. - Kanao

No problem! - Tanjiro

Genya! Senjuro! Here's some candy I got. Make sure to give one to your brothers as well. - Tanjiro

Thank you Tanjiro! - Senjuro

Thanks, Tanjiro. - Genya

Muichiro-san! I have some candy, do you want some? - Tanjiro

Huh? Oh, ok. - Muichiro

Da- I mean Giyuu-San! I have some sweets for you, do you want some? - Tanjiro

... Sure.

Yay! You could eat it right now if you want. - Tanjiro


Shinobu-San, I have some sweets for you and the hashiras. Would you mind giving them each one of the sweets? - Tanjiro

Thank you Tanjiro! And yes I'll give the others the sweets in a while, I am looking at this plant. - Shinobu
18th person pov:

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