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Mint chocolate chip ice-cream is the best. Not chocolate, not vanilla, m i n t.


Leavemealone (giyuu) pov:

Oh look what we have here~ -???

One of the demons said, in a honey-like tone. It's annoying even though I heard it way too many times, me and the other two women put up in a fighting stance. I was about to take action until Chiko noticed something...

Guys... Look at their e-eyes... - Chiko

Hm? Wha-.... Shit.... - Minori

I quickly examine the demons and noticed that they have 2 kanjis in their eyes... An Uppermoon... I looked closely to see what their rank was and it was... Uppermoon 4...

Eh, atleast it's not uppermoon 2 like last time. But I still can't let my guard down, Uppermoon 4 is no joke and they don't seem like the type of demon to play with slayers unlike upper 2.

Ho Ho!~ demon slayers! What an amazing surprise isn't it Sekido? -???

Shut up, there's nothing 'amazing' about this shit. -???

Ugh, you're such a mood killer! Let us have fun! -???

Guys, Sekido is right... It also seems that one of them is a hashira... -???

OoOoh~ really? Is it the man? -???

That sounded sexist af... - Chiko

No time for chit-chatting right now, I thought. I quickly charged at one of the demons.

Water breathing, forth form: striking tide

I managed to slice one of the demons arms. The demon widened his eyes.

So my assumption is right! No Kinoe is able to land a single hit on me before, water hashira, LET'S HAVE FUN! Sekido, Aizetsu, Go deal with the weaklings. Urogi, you can join me. -???


Urogi? -???

Karaku, don't you think this man... Looks familiar? -???

Hm? What do you mean? I've never seen him befo-.... Wait... Do I... Know... You? - Karaku

What are these demons talking about? I sure know I have never seen uppermoon 4 until now, they probably mistaken me as someone else.

Water breathing, third form: flowing dance

I sliced both demons decapitating their torso and neck, they regenerated instantly. Weird, I sliced their neck. They were supposed to die right here. Yet they regenerated it like it was no big deal. Do they have another weak spot for me to kill them?

Hey, answer me. - Karaku

I don't need to waste my breath talking to you, demon. I said.

The demons walked towards me, I sliced both of their arms. They regenerated in a split second and still was coming towards me. I sliced their legs, they didn't flinch nor back up. Still walking towards me. Eventually I decided to back up and run while also giving long-range attacks making sure that they don't come close to me.

Of course, that was no use. The one with wings grabbed me and went up to the sky. I sliced it's arms and wings but the demon quickly regenerated and grabbed me once again while falling down and took my sword, letting it fall to the ground. I tried kicking it but it caught my leg and squeezed it until it hurt a bit.

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