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When I was a kid I remembered that I thought that pinecones were the seeds of pineapples
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

After delivering the food to Himejima, we are gonna head to Kanrojis Estate. I heard that she is the closest to Himejima's other than Shinazugawas estate. I should inform the others that we need to be careful around her estate. I heard that she has bees in her house so that she can have honey. Just like Shinazugawa, she also has a sweet tooth along with a big appetite. Like, a Really big appetite. Maybe that's how she gets her strength.

Everyone, now that we are done delivery the sushi to Himejima, we will go to Kanrojis estate. But do be careful, she has bees in her back yard and they might sting you. So be aware.


*smacks Zenitsu* stop being so loud! Your bursting my eardrums! And if you ever get stung I have a med kit in my pocket. - Aoi

Just a question, how did you even fit a med kit in your pocket? Last time I checked and you couldn't even fit a small water bottle in there. Let alone a whole med kit. - Genya

I have my ways. - Aoi

Fair enough. - Genya

So, Is everyone ready to go?

Yes dad/father! - Kids

Alright then, remember what I said just now. I don't want any of you guys to have bee stings on your body.

A few minutes later

Wah! Kanroji-San, estate is so pretty! - Tanjiro

Hmmhm mmhm hmmm! (the backyard too!) - Nezuko

It sure is quite nice. If I say so myself. - Genya

Nezuko, why not knock on the door with dad? You did made the mochis after all. - Senjuro

Hmm hmmm hmm ! (I would love to!) - Nezuko

... :)

Knock knock

Oh! May I ask who's there? - Mitsuri

Hmm mm hmm mmm! (it's me and Dad!) - Nezuko

Oh Nezuko? Is your brother here too? Please wait and let me go get the door first! - Mitsuri
Sakura mochi girl (mitsuri) pov:

I was thinking of experimenting with food but then I heard a knock from the door. Oh! I haven't had any visitors for a while, I wonder who is it?

Oh! May I ask who's there?

Hmm mm hmm mmm! - Nezuko

Isn't that Nezuko? Is Tanjiro here too? I wonder whats she's doing here?

Oh Nezuko? Is your brother here too? Please wait and let me go get the door first!

I opened the door and not only I saw Nezuko but also one of my biggest crush Tomioka-San! Eek! He never visits me so this is really surprising! But I wonder why he brought Nezuko, isn't Tanjiro supposed to be here? Maybe I'll ask later.

Oh hello Tomioka-San! What brings you here with Nezuko?

Hello Kanroji, me and Nezuko along with her friends made some food for the Hashiras. We thought that it would be nice to brighten your mood with your favourite foods. Nezuko made you sakura mochi cause she keeps seeing you eating it whenever you visit her. So she tried making it for you. We hope that you would enjoy the mochi we gave you if you ever tried it. - Giyuu

Kya! Thank you Nezuko and Tomioka-San! You guys are the best! Do you want to come in to have some tea? I have many various kinds of tea in my house that I know how to brew. Do you want some?

No thank you, Kanroji. Me and Nezuko are in a rush along with her friends. We want to deliver all the food to the hashiras before it gets cold. We still have 3 more to go, Iguro, Rengoku and Tokito. So we have to leave right now. We are sorry for declining your offer but if we do have the time to then maybe we could come again. - Giyuu

Aww, it's ok. But I have a question, where is Tanjiro? Isn't he always here with Nezuko? Where is he?

Oh, I'm pretty sure that Tanjiro is in the backyard along with his friends. You can check if you want. - Giyuu

Really? Let me go see.

So Tanjiro is here, and with his friends. I'm pretty sure the friends are Inosuke and Zenitsu. I think that what their names are called. Let me see what they are doing inside of my backyard.

I take a look to see at my backyard and not only did i see Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu but I also saw alot of other people! They are also pretty close friends with Tanjiro too. Oh Kanaos here! I met her before. I heard that she's the sister and tsuguko of Shinobu-San. Oh Genya! That's a bit unexpected. I heard that he's the brother of Shinazugawa-san after he accidentally mentioned him while eating dinner together. He seems like a nice guy. Oh and Senjuro! Rengoku-sans little brother! He's like a mini version of Rengoku-San and he so cute! I guess he's also close with Tanjiro. I also saw another girl that looks like Kanao but blue? I think her name is Aoi. I saw her walking around and the butterfly mansion before and also helping around taking care of patients. She seems a bit arrogant but she's really helpful and pretty! Anyways I should call them and tell them that they have to go now.

Kids! Tomioka-san called you all and said that you have to go now! And thank you for the food you guys made for me and the other hashiras! I appreciate it very much.

Your welcome Kanroji-San! I also hope that we could do this again! Now come on guys we have to go! We don't want dad to keep us waiting right? Now let's go! - Tanjiro

And just like that they all left. I was hoping that they would stay longer but oh well. I also did notice that this is the first time I heard Tomioka-San talk the most! I'm glad for him being comfortable talking to us. I also noticed one more thing, I heard that Tanjiro called Tomioka-San 'dad'. Tanjiro and his friends must have saw Tomioka-San as a father figure and eventually called him dad. That's so sweet! I hope that in the future I can finally be with him and Iguro-San. we could adopt all of the kids and hopefully they would think of me as their mother figure along with Iguro-San and we could be a big happy family after the final war is over. Aah, that would be a dream come true >< ❤️
Taisho secrets

Zenitsu was always close to Tanjiro or Inosuke in the backyard cause he is scared that the bees will sting him

No one except the kids and Giyuu understands what Nezuko says. Tanjiro gave them a 4 hour lesson on how to understand what Nezuko was saying.

Tanjiro or Giyuu would sometimes shave and cut Genyas hair the way he likes.

The kids would call Giyuu " Giyuu-San, Tomioka-San, or Tomioka whenever they are in public but I guess that Tanjiro forgot about that.
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