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This is just the kamaboko squad +Aoi, Senjuro & Muichiro visiting their father figure cause their actual dad is dead/abandoned them. Kay on to the story
Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

While Kochos was Changing my bandages from my legs, I heard a knock on the door.

Who is it? ~ - Shinobu

Shinobu-san! It's me tanjiro and my friends. We are here because we wanted to visit Giyuu-san! - Tanjiro

Oh! Well then please wait for me while I'm done bandaging Tomioka-sans legs. Once I'm done I will tell you to come in. - Shinobu

Alright then, we will wait -Tanjiro
Outside of the room pov:

Tanjiro, how long do we have to wait? Dad must be really bored just sitting on that white bed all day long and that lady has the audacity to let us wait?-Zenitsu

Zenitsu, be patient. Shinobu-san said that she is bandaging his legs so it won't be too long. - Tanjiro

I agree with monzitsu! I want to see dad now! - Inosuke

ITS ZENITSU! Z-E-N-I-T-S-U! God you keep saying my name wrong - Zenitsu

Both of you shut up, we are here to visit dad. Not listen to your usual bullshit. - Genya

Yeah like, shut up. I wish that I can break both of your ankles but I don't think dad will be happy. -Muichiro

Mhmm! (I agree!) - Nezuko

I agree with Genya, you can continue your bullshit after visiting father. - Aoi

Hey Zenitsu, Inosuke, maybe if you are patient we can see dad earlier. I heard that God gives the patient people less time to waste. - Senjuro

Hey Kanao, Aoi, can you see if Shinobu-san is done or almost done? I mean, you both are helpers from the butterfly mansion so I'm sure she won't have a problem with letting you both in. - Tanjiro

That's... Actually smart. Hey Kanao let's ask if we can come in the room. - Aoi

Both knocked on the door and waited for a response

Who is it?~ -Shinobu

It's me and Kanao, we have forgotten a medical supply that we left it here so may we please come in? - Aoi

Sure! I don't see any problem with it. - Shinobu

Both of them came in and took a glance at Giyuu before pretending to pick up something and taking a look at Giyuu again

Shes almost done, you just need to wait for a few more seconds - Aoi

Thank you Aoi-san! - Tanjiro
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I heard that Tanjiro and his friends are here to visit me, I'm very glad that they see me as a friend. Although I wonder what I did to them to make them think that. Oh well, at least I get to see another person other that Kocho and the hashira.

Alright, I'm finally done. Tanjiro? Are you still there? Sorry that it took some of your time but I'm finally done and you and your friends can go in now. - Shinobu

Thank you Shinobu-san! Come on guys let's go in! - Tanjiro

Just as Tanjiro said that his friends all came running to my direction and hugged me tightly till I had difficulty breathing.

Oh my~ everyone please stop hugging Tomioka-San I know that you miss him but he looks like he has a problem with breathing because of you all. Anyways I will get going for you to have privacy. - Shinobu

After Kocho left the kids began flooding me with questions. Mostly if I'm ok and stuff. I still think why people acknowledge my existence. Yes I'm a hashira but I don't think they realise that I absolutely don't deserve the title. You can ask Shinazugawa about me and he could literally write a whole book about why I'm pathetic, stupid, weak and etcetera. I'm not mad at him though, he is saying the truth. Why should I be mad about him being true? That makes no sense. But leave that aside for now I'm just glad that Tanjiro and his friends wasted their time to visit a waste-of-space like me while they could be training and all. Might as well savour the feeling of having friends. (poor giyuu but not really he has a whole harem)

Taisho secrets

The reason why the kamaboko squad calls him dad/father is cause of one time Inosuke accidentally calling him dad but he didn't seem bothered in fact he loved it making the others call him dad to make him happy =)

Shinobu did not really give the kamaboko squad and Giyuu privacy in fact she stalked them from an unnoticeable window in case they (Tanjiro and his friends) do something life threatening to giyuu again (she did not like that they hugged giyuu into making him not breathe)

Sanemi really does not hate Giyuu (I think its obvious cause yk) the only reason why he is mean to him is because he does not want to ruin his reputation about him being nice to Giyuu (even though we all know the truth) which would make the demons have a plan to capture the hashiras and kill them because any information from the corps will spread like wild fire to the demons if revealed.

Muichiro has visited Giyuu more than anyone else in the squad due to him being a hashiras making the others(-Tanjiro and nezuko) a bit jealous for seeing giyuu more than them.

The author was so close to 1000 words but sadly cannot continue due to their lack of braincells and creativity =(
929 words

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