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Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

It's the next week now which means I get to leave this place. Finally, I can get back to my missions.


Tomioka-San! How was your day? Just so you know its been a week now and you will be free to go soon. So before you go, do you mind accepting this gift I made for you? It's a butterfly hair pin, I'm sure you would look good on it! - Shinobu

Oh, thank you Kocho.

It was a blue butterfly hair pin just like Aoi's, but a bit more darker than hers. To be honest, it looks very pretty. Maybe I could wear it when I'm going out.

It's pretty.

Really? Thank you for the compliment Tomioka-San! - Shinobu

Recently, I noticed this thing about Kocho. She doesn't tease me that much and she gives me some compliments and gifts from time to time. A bit odd if you ask me but oh well.

Alright Tomioka-San, that's all I have to say. You're free to go now! Also, I received a letter from your crow saying that your new uniform has arrived in front of the door. So you can go check it out. Okay, bye bye Tomioka-San! Hope to see you again soon! - Shinobu

Ok bye Kocho.

I arrived at my estate and I see a parcel in front of my door. Must be the uniform. Let's go check it out and see if it fits me.

... The fuck is this? Why is this uniform so... Revealing? It reminds me of Kanrojis uniform but it shows way more skin. I'm pretty sure that the kakushis know that the hashiras get the most dangerous missions but they still gave me such a revealing outfit. Don't they know that clothes are a form of protection too? Ugh. And why did they add a skirt? Is it because of my long hair?... I really need another new uniform but I'm a bit too shy to ask them. They might think that I'm ungrateful for my stuff. My arms are also showing, maybe I'll have my haori to cover it up. I don't want anyone to know that I cut.

(How do you draw abs help)

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(How do you draw abs help)

Ugh, I should just suck it up just like Kanroji.

K KAW KAW! TOMIOKA GIYUU YOU *somehow coughs* HAVE A MISSION IN A FOREST NEAR MT. ____________! THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO *coughs again cause this birds old af* VISITED THE FOREST HAS GONE MISSING! IT IS YOUR JOB TO*coughs like an old sick person* FIND OUT WHAT HAD HAPPENED! - Kanzaburo

Oh, okay. Also, are you getting sick? Do you need me to send you to the butterfly mansion? You have been coughing more lately...

DON'T WORRY BOUT ME! *coughs lmao* - Kanzaburo

If you say so...

Hey, I just realised that this is the first time Kanzaburo gave me full information about the mission I will have. Maybe I should give her a treat for that, yeah. Anyway better get going to my mission now.

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