This Is Probably The Longest Title I Have Ever Made Yet

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Part 2 of chapter 11,yeah also cooking
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Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

After I've gotten my crow I went to the butterfly mansion to get some anti-depressants and some bandages since I was running low on them. I will sneak into the mansion like I always do and grab some from the drawer I knew were the supplies I need. Sometimes inosuke will see me since he always sneaks to the kitchen to grab some food but I'm sure that he doesn't pay attention to that much. Maybe after that I can go visit tanjiro and of course, his friends.

A few minutes later

Alright, I am now at the butterfly mansion. I should sneak in from the window like I mostly do but it's very close to the kitchen where somtimes Aoi will be cooking there. I should check first before going into the room from the window. I checked, good thing no one is there. And I feel like no one is gonna come in soon so I should be safe. I got in, walked quietly but fast and went to the drawer to grab what I need. I hid the anti-depressants and the bandages as well as some other stuff I grabbed that I think might be useful for me in the future in my pocket. I went back to the window and climbed out of the room into the garden and quickly but quietly made my escape. I should probably put all the stuff in my pocket to my house. I don't want any suspicion going on about me.

Another few minutes later

Finally I'm back in my house. I am gonna put all the stuff in my bathroom and get ready to visit tanjiro and his friends. I miss them alot, I went to my bathroom and put all the stuff minus the anti-depressants inside a drawer. I'm gonna take an anti-depressant, I haven't got one for a long time. I took a pill and swallowed it with a little bit of tap water cause I'm too lazy to get a glass of water from my kitchen. Now I think I am completely ready. I should go now.
Red human rock (tanjiro) pov:

I am hanging out with the rest of the kamaboko squad with Senjuro and Aoi in the garden. Muichiro could not join us since he has a mission. We were talking about the upcoming festival held near at Asakusa and what we should do there with dad (giyuu). Talking about dad, I really miss him so do my friends. He usually visits us when most of us don't have any missions and if he is free. Uuah, I wonder when is he gonna visit us again.

Tanjiro, are you ok? -Aoi

Oh! I'm fine Aoi, I was just thinking about when dad is gonna visit us again. I really miss him.

Don't we all miss him too? I think father doesn't have any missions for now since he just got out of the butterfly mansion yesterday. So he should be visiting us very sooner of later. - Genya

Guys, I hear footsteps coming from the entrance door. It's also a possibility that it is dad. Let's go check it out. - Zenitsu

Ah! Thank you Zenitsu. Let's go guys!

We went near the entrance of the door and I smell a faint calm ocean behind the door. It's definitely dad! I tell everyone to hide so that we can surprise him. His smell is getting closer and he should probably open the door.............. NOW!

GAah! We all say surprising dad. He raised his eyebrows for a split second before going back to his normal face again. He smiles a bit and we all laughed before hanging out with him.
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I was making my way to my destination where tanjiro and his friends usually were hanging out there. After I got there oddly enough I feel a few presences at the entrance but I didn't mind it thinking it was the 3 butterfly girls. Once I opened the door I technically got jumped scared by tanjiro and his friends. I really did not expect that cause they don't do this often but it seems that they are happy so I think it's just a small prank that they thought it was funny. I don't mind though, I like seeing their happy faces and it makes me happy too.

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