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This is where emo guy goes to the hashiras estate as promised (he was forced to go by the hashiras after they found out he is healed)

Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

It's been a few days since I last went to my estate. Ugh, I wanna go there. Having Kocho teasing me every day is not so pleasant for me. When I'm fully healed I'm gonna visit Tanjiro and his friends to spend time with them training. Good news is that Kocho might dismiss me sooner or later cause I look very much healed.

Short insect woman (shinobu) pov:

I went to check up Tomioka-san to see if he's okay. He is usually sleeping to 'skip the time' but I wish that he didn't sleep that much in my estate cause I really wanna see his beautiful majestic ocean looking eyes. If you took even a small glance at his eyes that thing is going to be stuck in your head 25/7. To my surprise he is not sleeping but he looks like he is zoning out thinking about something. I wonder what is it? Anyways Tomioka-san looks like he is fully healed and I'm glad cause not only is he now healthy but I got to spend time with him nore than usual! To bad he is gonna leave, I wish that Tomioka-san could live here or at least stay with me a bit longer but I guess good things always end.

Tomioka-san! Looks like you are fully recovered from your injuries! Usually I would let my patients immediately leave because there are other slayers in need for that bed but for you I would like you to stay for a bit longer because I want to have a talk with you.

Kocho, I have to get going. Even though I know that the other hashiras have already completed my missions I would like to continue into doing my missions alone. I do not like to see people doing something that is clearly my job. - Giyuu (our protagonist 😀)

Oh Tomioka-San, you know you don't really have a choice right? After all, you are in my property so you have to do what I say. Now please follow me to my office and we can have our talk.

Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

I wonder what Kocho wanted to talk about, usually she just teases me whenever she is free and would somtimes talk about information to me like when is the next meeting or some events happening is some places. It's my first time having a proper talk with her and it looks a bit serious. Although I wonder why does she want me to talk with her, maybe I'm involved? I'm sure I am why would she tell me to come and talk with her. I'm pretty sure I caused some trouble I mean I'm literally a whole disgrace to the world. Enough thinking I'm almost at her office.

Short insect woman (shinobu) pov:

Welcome to my office Tomioka-San! Please take a seat on that chair right there,our chat will begin soon.

After taking a damn chair

Ok, let's start our talk with some events that's going to be happening soon. Tomioka-san, the other hashiras and I are going to a festival hosted near at Asakusa. When you go there we will wait for you at the entrance if you join. We are hoping that you want to join there to celebrate the festival with us. Don't worry about the missions, master has agreed on not giving us missions while we are celebrating. Do you want to join? It happens in about 4 days, I will be waiting for your answer under that time.

I will think about it Kocho, but please give me some time. - Giyuu

Are you worried that you won't see tanjiro and his friends? Don't worry I will send them invitations if you accept. I have been noticing that they are the ones who usually visit you other than us. Aoi and Senjuro might be there too cause Rengoku-san said that he's gonna bring his brother to share the fun to him as well.

Ah, alright. Thanks for the information about the upcoming festival, I will be giving you an answer shortly. - Giyuu

I just realised that whenever someone mentions Tanjiro and his friends Tomioka-San will make longer sentences than when someone talks to him about something else. They surely are good friends, I heard that Kanao and Aoi thinks of Tomioka-San as their father figure as well as the other members from the kamaboko squad. I think that's cute and I really want to be the mom. (😳😳😳 ayo?)

Enough of the festival topic, let us start the real topic.

Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

Real topic? I thought that was the main topic, though it kinda makes sense that Kocho was warming me up to talk cause I'm sure  that she knows I sort of have a problem when it comes to conversations. Though I'm a bit curious about what the 'main topic' is.

Tomioka-San, are you okay? - Shinobu

Of course I am Kocho, you just took care of me for a bout a wee-

No, no, I didn't meant that, I mean, are you okay?                                - Shinobu
Cliffhanger cause I have to go to tuition (☹️)
Taisho secrets

Shinobu is probably going to be the mother of the kamaboko squad + Aoi, Senjuro and Muichiro at the and of the story as well as Kyojuro, Mitsuri, Sanemi, Uzu-   yk what you get the point.

When Shinobu said that Giyuu likes to sleep to skip the time whenever she mostly comes to check on him is because when Giyuu notices someone other than the butterfly power puff girls or you-know-who come to his room he will pretend to sleep.

YOU definitely know what Shinobu is going to talk to Giyuu about what.

The author finally succeeded in getting 1000+ words In this chapter.
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