Emo Mans Mission (GONE WRONG 😱)

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This is my first book so sorry if its cringe

Emo guy (giyuu) pov:

KAW KaW Tomioka Giyuu you have a mission at a village near Mt... I forgot. WHATEVER THERE'S A DEMON THERE NOW GO! - kanzaburo

Ah, ok. I will head to the masters estate for more information about the mission.

I ran to the masters estate as soon as I can to know where my mission is. Once I got there I knock on the door.

Who is it? - Kagaya Ubuyashiki

It's me, the water pillar.

Ah, are you here to get more information about your mission like always? - Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Yes master.

Then come in and take a seat my dear child - Kagaya Ubuyashiki

The mission your going to go is at a village near Mt. _________. There are reports that there are some monsters lurking around especially at night. I need you to go there and slay those demons for the villages safety. - Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Thank you master, I will get going soon.

While I was getting ready for the mission and going there, I saw tanjiro and his friends doing what they usually do together.

Inosuke is "asking" zenitsu to fight him.
Zenitsu is crying and refusing to fight inosuke.
Kanao is flipping her coin whether she should stop the fight or not give a shit about it.
Genya is polishing his gun as well as his bullets.
Aoi is stopping inosuke's daily bullshit and is tired of it.
Senjuro is also trying to stop inosuke's bullshit by saying he will make him food later from the butterfly estate.
Nezuko is sleeping completely aware of what's going on.
Tanjiro is like a big brother figure like he is.

What great friends, I thought.

I went to my mission and finally arrived so I went to a nearby food shop that sells seafood because its still daytime. I haven't realised that I haven't ate for days because of my missions, oh well, atleast I'm gonna eat now.

What do you want to order young sir? - Waiter

A bowl of simmered salmon daikon.

Alright, will be ready in a few minutes. Please wait. - Waiter

After a few minutes passed, I got my food and I started eating it. Simmered salmon daikon is on of the best foods and it makes it better for the fact that I haven't eaten for days so I can say that this is one of the best bowl of simmered salmon daikon I've ever eaten.

After eating, I realised that it's now evening and the demons are gonna come soon so I should better leave now.

It's now night and I'm sure the demons are out now, most of the people are sleeping so it will be easier for me to handle this without explaining what I just did.

I killed most of the demons but I feel like there's a more stronger demon out of all the demons in the village so I checked everywhere to find that one demon. Damn, that demon must have loved playing hide and seek when it was a human.

Eventually I found it and it was a demon that can teleport. This is about to be a bit harder now.

The demon spotted me and quickly rushed to kill me but I easily dodged it and I quickly went to cut it's neck but before that it telepoted to a nearby roof and jumped across the village. I quickly catched up with it by a dead end and I was ready to slay it befor-

Blood demon art: invisible cloak! - demon

The demon turned invisible and tried to attack me but since I can feel the demons presence I quickly slashed my sword to that direction where the demon is it in hopes of cutting its neck. After awhile the demon was getting tired thus getting the blood demon art to deactivate.

I went to the demons neck since its now not invisible and its tired getting the upper hand and said:

Water breathing, first form: Water surface slash

I cut the demons neck and my mission is finally done but before I go back it started raining, heavily. Ugh, my place is far away from here. I just hope that I don't get sick or else I can't attend to missions and that means that there will be more innocent lives taken away from those creatures and it would be my fault because I could not save them. Also Shinobu says that she doesn't like taking care of me (we all know that ain't true) so if I get sick I will be guilty of not saving innocent and making someone work more than usual.

Lets just say that luck isn't always on his side

Taisho secrets :

The master has asked giyuu if he wants to change the crow he got assigned to, not because he doesn't like giyuus company but that he thinks it's tiring for giyuu to keep coming to his estate back and forth and considering his estate is far away from giyuu makes it even more tiring.

The reason why Shinobu teases giyuu is because that she wants be giyuus first friend by him taking his advice and since she is the one that acompany him the most she knew that giyuu would most likely ask her to be her friend making her have a chance to win giyuus heart.

The kamaboko squad knew that giyuu was just now watching him but they knew that he was going on a mission cause he is getting more missions recently so in order to not waste his time they act like they didn't see him so that he can come back sooner and hopefully have time to play with him.

Giyuu has also not slept for awhile thus making him have a more higher chance of fainting in missions (hey that sounds like me)

The author was really close to having 1000 words on this chapter and succeed with exactly 1002 words.

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