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UMAI guy, sakura mochi girl and bi ssssnake guy tries to help and comfort emo guy
Very Short Recap

Tomioka, are you okay? - Kyojuro

Bruh here we go again

End of very short recap
Emo guy (giyuu) pov :

Rengoku, I literally just got out of a hospital after a few days. Of course I am.

No, it's just like that conversation you had with Kocho. It is about your mental health. - Kyojuro

How did Rengoku know that I had a conversation with Kocho? Did he spy on me?

My mental health is fine, Rengoku. You do not need to worry about it.

But, are you sure that it's fine? The talk with you and Kocho doesn't seem like it. - Obanai

Iguro too!? Wait, if Rengoku and Iguro heard my talk with Kocho does that mean Kanroji also heard it?

...... How did you know that I had a talk with Kocho?

We were walking past the butterfly mansion and we heard some talking sounds out of there and we were curious so we decided to check it out! - Mitsuri

So I was right, Kanroji also heard my conversation with Kocho.

We are so sorry if we made you uncomfortable Tomioka, but we are trying to help you. So please give us a chance. - Kyojuro

It's okay, Rengoku. But I am curious, how do you all help me?

We were thinking about you try to give out your problems and maybe we could try and help you with it! But if it doesn't work or we don't know how to solve one of your problems then we will try to comfort you and then maybe we could play some games or have a nice casual talk! - Mitsuri

Oh... Okay.

So let's start! Tomioka, I'm sure you have some problems or something you experienced that was really bad so can you try and tell us what is something bad you experienced or what problems do you think you have? - Kyojuro

Oh, umm... *says some problems about him and some things he experienced but not all of them such as the worst ones cause we gotta save that for later for some giyuu angst ofc*

Oh my! That's quite bad! Well now we will attempt to help you solve those things. So Tomioka, you said you have some kind of guilt but you don't know which one is that right? Perhaps is it survivors guilt? I mean, there are demons that exist here in our place so I think that there was someone you care about getting killed by a demon and you were there but you could not do anything right? Sorry if I am wrong but that is just a prediction. - Kyojuro

No need to apologise Rengoku, you were right. There was someone I care about get their live taken away from a demon in front of me when I was younger.

Ahh! That's so sad Tomioka-San! I can't imagine how guilty you feel when you were there! >< - Mitsuri

It's okay, Kanroji. It's not like you can change anything in the past right?

Tomioka, would you mind telling me what kind of relationship you had with them? It would be easier for us to help you. - Obanai

It was an old friend of mine, in fact, my first friend. He trained with me when I was younger to prepare final selection. During final selection, he killed almost all of the demons there except one of them who crushed his skull like it was a sponge. I got knocked out because of some demons and when I woke up I heard that I passed the final selection but my friend was the only one that died. If only I wasn't so weak back then I would of helped him defeat that demon that took my friends life.

I see, sorry for your loss. May I ask what was your friends name? - Obanai

His name is Sabito.

Thank you, also, please do not think of yourself weak. Right now you are one of the strongest hashiras in the corps right now. If we lose you it will be a big disadvantage to defeat the demons in the final battle. Sabito also must be proud of you up there in the sky and would want you to move on not griefing about him. Everyone will die at some point, it's just that some die at the wrong time. Maybe when you are old and die you can meet him again. So dont waste your life carrying regret and guilt, life is short so enjoy it while you can. - Obanai

Kyaa! Iguro-San I didn't know that you are such a good therapist! - Mitsuri

*blushes a bit* thank you, Kanroji -Obanai

Ah, they make such a good couple. (not without you tho)

I would also say the same to you, Iguro. I will take your advice and try to not grief about my friend too much.

Alright, now that this is over let's brighten the mood shall we? Let's talk about some things that happened in our lives or maybe we could go train in my backyard! - Kyojuro

That sounds great Rengoku-San! Why not we talk about what happened in our last mission and other stuff and then train? - Mitsuri

That sounds great, Kanroji.
After talking some interesting shit that happened in one of their missions. You wanna peak? Ya sure I can give you a small clip of them talking whatever.
Forth person pov:

So I used my sword and whipped at that pillow-looking demon and then when I cut their neck there were feathers coming out of the pillow and then dissolved like a melting ice-cream! - Mitsuri

Wow! That is some weird demon you met Kanroji! - Kyojuro

I met a demon that keeps spinning like a windmill just chasing after me on one of my latest missions. Since they were spinning really fast I could not locate where was the neck so I randomly cut wherever parts of their body till I sliced their neck. - Obanai

Oh my! That demon must be really annoying to defeat am I right? - Mitsuri

It was, really. It took me at least 20 minutes to just try and find the demons neck. - Obanai

Okay end of small clip lol
OK! So that's it for this chapter. We will continue on the next one.
Taisho secrets

Mitsuri and Obanai both blushed at giyuu when he complemented them

Kyojuros backyard is huge

Kyojuros wanted to host a sleepover but realised that his father will probably not be glad doing that.

The Kamaboko squad got informed that Giyuu was out and free to go and went to his estate but unfortunately he was not there =(

The author wonders why they do this shit on their free time
Oh wow 1141 words

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