Un Og Idea

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Credits to @Sorinder for the amazing idea for this chapter!
useswater&rizzbreathing(giyuu) pov:

Is this demon daydreaming right now? He dosent look like focusing on me... Oh well that means I have a chance to escape.

I kicked the demon in the balls. He snapped out of daydreaming and clutched his crotch in pain. I ripped the rope that was tieing me which wasn't affective to be honest and ran as fast as I can to find my sword. Thankfully it was just 45 meters away.

I continued running so that I could find Toshobu and Kahasu as I know they are in great danger. They are just Hinoes if I recall and I don't think they could handle 2 upper rank fours.

Finally, after 5 minutes of searching I finally found them. They both look tired and will pass out soon probably due to bloodloss and I could not let that happen. I do not want lives to be taken all because of me...

The blue demon was about to stab Toshobu in the chest if it wasn't for me barging into the situation.

Water breathing, seventh form: drop ripple thrust

I blocked the yaris attack from the blue demon who finally noticed my presence including the others.

Eh? He defeated Karaku and Urogi already? EEK! We will both be defeated! - Aizetsu

Did you forget? He can't defeat any of us if he doesn't decapitate him, now stop worrying and finish these weaklings. - Sekido

The red demon said as it made a Khakkhara out of his hand, stabbed it onto the ground and made some noises... Wait, is that lightning-


Blood-curdling screams could be heard from the women and me as we were being electrocuted like we were struck by lightning. After some time which felt like forever, the red demon stopped electrocuting us. Kahasu and Toshobus bodies looked like they were twitching rapidly not being able to control their actions. They also look unconscious... I have the same situation except that I can move more better than them and that I am conscious, of course. Although it hurts when you move...

*sighs*, weaklings. - Sekido

The red demon insulted us as he pointed his Khakkhara at me, ready to stab me in the chest. He was supposed to do that if it wasn't for two demons interrupting him.

S-Sekido wait! - Urogi

What the fuck do you want now Urogi? - Sekido

Remember Hayate? - Urogi

Hah? Who's that? And what's that gonna be involved her-... Oh...-Sekido

That guy... But whats that supposed be involved here? - Sekido

That hashira... He's most likely Hayate! - Urogi

Eh? How? - Aizetsu

He has almost the same features and the same last name! - Urogi

Hah? Really? It's too dark I can't see! - Sekido

Here's a lantern if you don't believe me! - Urogi

The yellow demon then threw a lantern that looked similar to ours... Wait, did they just stole our lanterns?

The red demon got the lantern and inspected me like I was some kind of new creature which I don't like. But, if he's so caught up with ugly features (bro who lied to you) then might as well do my next attack.

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