Various x Reader [ VG & Anime ]

Various x Reader [ VG & Anime ]

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Nickel By LorenoSan Updated Apr 17, 2017

Fluff, fluff, fluff and even more fluff. 
That's the basic jist of this whole book. 
No lemons, probably no Limes. 
Maybe I'll write something sad one day
Who knows.

Most of these are Male!Fictional Character X Female!Reader unless noted otherwise. I mean- I haven't gotten any requests for anything Yoai or Yuri or anything Female!Fictional Character X Male!Reader, so :p 

Oh yeah, most of the video game peps  will probably be Nintendo characters XD 

And my knowledge on anime people is really small... So yeah XD

Disclaimer- I do not own these fictional Nintendo/Anime peps. Or you! C:


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Yukine x reader. Plz. There just isn’t enough out there 😂
Alyssajj11 Alyssajj11 Nov 04, 2017
I not sure if u do request but can u Do a Chat noir x Depressed  reader where the reader thinks that Adrien likes Marinette and she see him dance with her and she gets depressed and couldn’t take it anymore. And if to uncomfortable I understand
_That_One_Trans_Boi_ _That_One_Trans_Boi_ Dec 07, 2017
OHSHC - Can you do a Hitachiin Twins x reader x Tamaki where the twins and Tamaki always fight over the reader or something?
GwendolynWood GwendolynWood May 30, 2017
Two requestsss
                              1. Julius Kingsley x Performer!Reader
                              (Code Geass Akito the Exiled)
                              You choose the details.
                              2. 2B x Last Human! Male!Reader
                              (NieR: Automata)
                              You choose the details.
j_dog524 j_dog524 May 07, 2017
May I have Noragami . Yukine and Yato. But if you cant do both do Yato
Natsumi_Kou Natsumi_Kou 9 hours ago
can you please do a Yandere Meliodas x reader x yandere Ban!