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Run | Zack Foster x Reader [ 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐊 𝟏 ] by bitter_passion
Run | Zack Foster x Reader [ 𝐁𝐎� Azura
𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐊 𝟏 ↪ RUN [ A. O. D. - WELCOME TO FLOOR B6, YOUR NEW AND PERMANENT LIVING NIGHTMARE ] In which a 19-year-old girl who goes by the name 'Y/N' wakes up with no re...
Zack X Reader (Angels of death) by Sellanikon
Zack X Reader (Angels of death)by Sellanikon
Y'all already know what this is but aye in this one let's make you a badass! I don't own angels of death nor characters or the cover picture. we're following the story l...
Zack X Ray Angels of death by ScaredyNeko
Zack X Ray Angels of deathby Scaredy Neko
Warning: Includes Smut And will be updating everyday!
Forever His by SapphireRayNoel
Forever Hisby Ray Noel
While on his training trip Naruto ends up being attacked by Zack whom tries to kill him but when he catches him he decided to instead of killing him to keep him as a pet...
Daniel Dickens x Fem!Reader by kirishima_eijirou_16
Daniel Dickens x Fem!Readerby 👑🍩 Donut Master 🍩👑
you are a girl that is good friends with Rachel Gardener,despite your phycopathic obsession with Murder Rachel is still the only person who doesn't think your eyes were...
"Liar." (ZackxMale Reader!) by DabiLovesTomura
"Liar." (ZackxMale Reader!)by ~Nex~
What happens when Zack meets you, a guy with the same craziness with his? Will he get close to you, or will he try to kill you?
zack x reader one shots by Ash7474
zack x reader one shotsby ASH
one shots of angels of death characters. i will not be doing any one shots about danny cos well hes... i just hate danny. requests are open ill probably do most request...
✄ isaac "zack" foster x reader oneshot  by majorsxckup_
✄ isaac "zack" foster x reader 。。。
[^UPDATED COVER, SAME STORY ! ] you feel like you and zack deserve to be together after everything you've been through, but does he feel the same? [female pronouns used]...
Monster (Issac "Zack" Foster x Reader) by LULUUSERNAME
Monster (Issac "Zack" Foster x Ania
As a child, you where always called a monster from your immunity to death. You've been poisoned, stabbed, and you've even fallen from high places. But you survived with...
My roommates are fictional characters from a different dimension?!  by Lexacoolfox
My roommates are fictional Lexacoolfox
Okay so this isn't a self insert. This is about what yours truly. And I'm calling myself out here Okays description Lexa was a girl living with her grandparents for t...
Anime smut and fluff by ARMYWEEB14
Anime smut and fluffby RayTheSinner
its exactly as the title says requests are open 💙 means fluff ❤️ means smut has cussing and sexual situation if you have a problem with any of these then this is not...
What The Hell? by FoggyAucklandView
What The Hell?by FoggyAucklandView
Her already blurry vision started fading as Zack called her name trying to keep her conscious as the weird figures started approaching. "Who the hell are you people...
The Second Ragnarok by lieinginwaitwolf
The Second Ragnarokby Logan Wilkins
1,000 years have passed since ragnarok, man kind has gotten there act together and stopped angering the gods but now, ragnarok has been declared a tradition, every 1,000...
Gods Sinners by MatchaXMochi
Gods Sinnersby 抹茶餅
One bad thing and you will die. Rachel has been living in that orphanage for 5 years now and she has been treated badly there. Every week somebody is sentenced but by th...
Oneshots/Story Sketches/Writing Prompts/Drafts/Scripts/Etc by Wolfiefanggirl1
Oneshots/Story Sketches/Writing Wolfiefanggirl1
Hello my lovely readers. i have been thinking about this for sometime and i.... kinda want to try it out? i am having major, and i mean MAJOR Writers block for a lot of...
Angels Of Death: Unanswered Questions  by teasdeadlyteaparty
Angels Of Death: Unanswered Tea
The concept is simple! You ask a character a question and they answer to the best of their ability. It doesn't have to be just questions! Dares are acceptable as well! P...
Master Mind ❦ Zachxreader by TvTshwjshwjhsjwhsw
Master Mind ❦ Zachxreaderby ᛕꪖ᭙ꪖ꠸꠸
↳Many floors a 13 year old girl named Rachel a mysterious guy named Zach and a lady named Y/n. Once Rachel and Y/n become friends on Zachs floor, Zach tries to kill both...
Through The Looking Glass by KhymerVulture
Through The Looking Glassby KhymerVulture
For years, Rachel has endured abuse and belittlement at the hands of her parents, it's become the norm in her life. She suffers alone in the apartment she calls home. Ch...
Edward Mason Oneshots || Angels of Death by strawberryxmilk14
Edward Mason Oneshots || Angels 𓆩♡𓆪 𝚖𝚒𝚌𝚑𝚒 𓆩♡𓆪
|| Requests currently closed || A book full of Edward Mason oneshots. If you would like to request, check the rules on the first page. No NSFW content (he is literally a...
The Angel and the Killer [COMPLETE] by HeavenOfNirvana
The Angel and the Killer [COMPLETE]by Tarynn Ball
[Watty2019 - My 17th Birthday Project] When Naruko comes home from the mission with her friends and Tsunande, she catches her boyfriend Sasuke cheating on her with Sakur...