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Secrets Unfold(Owari no Seraph) by YukinaAndSakura
Secrets Unfold(Owari no Seraph)by Luna
Everyone has secrets. Don't you? The most powerful being holds secrets that no one would understand. Wishing for a normal life, an abnormal girl goes through some of t...
  • shiho
  • hiragi
  • hyakuya
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One Hell of a Shinigami (Deathnote Fanfic)sequel to ITIMHAHA by emily5964
One Hell of a Shinigami ( Emilyzzz
A female detective in her late 20s who goes by the name of Mirai has been given the rare privilege to be assigned to an upcoming case revolving around a group of bizarre...
  • mellos
  • awesome
  • lawliet
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¿Qué Estoy Haciendo?(L Lawliet Death Note) by Maononosaka1
¿Qué Estoy Haciendo?(L Lawliet Maononosaka1
Hola mi nombre es ___ y tengo 17 años estudio el último año de prepa y bueno no es por presumir pero soy bastante buena. Todos tenemos un sueño el mi es poder trabaja...
  • yagami
  • elle
  • misa
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I Know You're Kira| L. Lawliet x Reader by frozencat3030
I Know You're Kira| L. Lawliet x Frozencat3030
(Y/N) Amane has been a Death Note owner for longer than this so called, "Kira". She lives in her own world, her own game, until Kira does arrive. He ruins the...
  • ryuzakixreader
  • romance
  • amane
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Kimetsu no Yaiba × Oc by lgaspar003
Kimetsu no Yaiba × Ocby lgaspar003
🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 Ena Tengoku Tanjiro's and Nezuko's older sister She gets entangled in their journey to take down the man who killed their family. But be...
  • kanae
  • makomo
  • kimetsunoyaiba
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Kiss him not me x reader by Itsahabit17
Kiss him not me x readerby Itsahabit17
Aki kusakabe( yes like from totoro) is a girl from Japan that lives with her family in the country, all her life she's dreamt about becoming a singer, she attends schoo...
  • kae
  • shinomiya
  • nana
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YuuNoa- one shot stories.  by FlamingKatsu
YuuNoa- one shot stories. by FlamingKatsuS
My one shot stories for one of my OTP's, Yuunoa! Fluff, angst, comedy and maybe even a tragedy could come up in this! -on hiatus-
  • request
  • shinoa
  • yuunoa
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Owari No Seraph [HOLD] by GrayLuCelestIce
Owari No Seraph [HOLD]by boom boom bakugou
OnS x Reader 「 R E Q U E S T S O P E N 」
  • yuuichiro
  • love
  • xreaderoneshot
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Death Has A New Mistress (A Death Note Fanfic) by FangirlAndFeels
Death Has A New Mistress (A Nicole
Hitomi Takenaka felt like she had it all planned out. After her parents' death, she wanted to become a part of the Task Force so that she could prevent others from falli...
  • investigation
  • crime
  • manga
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Death Note (Light X Reader) by PhoenixBTS
Death Note (Light X Reader)by PhoenixBTS
So what are we going to do? -Y/n L/n
  • action
  • 2006
  • insert
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The Kiss of Death by Lilystone3
The Kiss of Deathby Lilystone3
Alexander is a detective in training and is called to help L being one of the best boy detectives in the USA. Only thing is Alexander is a girl and going under the name...
  • misa
  • light
  • amane
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Steins;Gate - The Disclosure of the Domino Effect [Completed] by FayFairyElf
Steins;Gate - The Disclosure of Fay Fairy-Elf
After the successful attempt at saving Okabe from his Reading Steiner overload, he continues to live his life as a normal college student enjoying the peace with his fri...
  • okarin
  • makise
  • okabe
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Love me past eternity by MikayuuSinner
Love me past eternityby ProudMikayuuSinner
A role reversal au between Mikaela and Yuuichirou. ☆ Follow the story through the eyes of Yuuichirou- A distant, vengeful, half-vampire who dreams of one day reuniting w...
  • yuuxmika
  • amputee
  • owarinoseraph
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Take Me With You ७ Mikayuu Fanfiction by xenojiva
Take Me With You ७ Mikayuu °•x e n o•°
Being a prince isn't easy. Sure, you have servants to cater to your every whim and are respected by the entire kingdom because of your position. But that's the glamour o...
  • yuichiro
  • mikayuu
  • seraph
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Steins;Gate - The Two World Line Theory by FayFairyElf
Steins;Gate - The Two World Line Fay Fairy-Elf
Unknown attractor field, unknown world line: "Are you ready, Okabe?". He breathed heavily and tried to calm himself, before he answered, "Ready when you a...
  • mayuri
  • sern
  • romance
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Le Death Note de L - Fanfiction - /LoveDarkness\ by BelaMisoraViBritania
Le Death Note de L - Alek
L a réussi à récupérer le Death Note, il l'a caché au yeux de tous. Evidemment, puisqu'il ne veut que personne ne s'en serve. Mais les meurtres continues et L met la mai...
  • cahier
  • lawliet
  • misaamane
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Come Here Kitty by MikayuuSinner
Come Here Kittyby ProudMikayuuSinner
"GUREN!! GIVE ME BACK MY SHIT! AND WHATS WITH THE CAT" "No, you are not getting back your stupid video games until you learn to be more responsible!"...
  • neko
  • mitsuba
  • seraphoftheend
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Stitches [Death Note x Female!Reader by Sergie_Senpai
Stitches [Death Note x Female! Chris Bae
This is a story about a girl named (y/n) (l/n), a girl who went through Hell and smiled about it. She's not evil, but she's certainly not sane either. So, what would hap...
  • misa
  • amane
  • japan
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Love Note (A Death Note Fanfiction)  by Mar_BlueUnicorn
Love Note (A Death Note Heartlessly Fragile
A mini "Death Note" Fanfiction with Misa being the main character. The Love Note is something like a Death Note but it makes people fall in love. Misa finds i...
  • mini
  • light
  • shinigami
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