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Various!Naruto x Demon! Reader by camcrusher123
Various!Naruto x Demon! Readerby camcrusher123
y/n l/n is a powerful demon she decided to move to the ninja world and disguise herself a 12 year old things will get interesting......
  • team7
  • sakura
  • sasuke
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Various Yandere!Brother x Reader by nishiminyan
Various Yandere!Brother x Readerby ♚ josh
‶various anime characters that I turned into yandere!brothers.″ requests are OPEN and i'm accepting them. drop by the first chapter! slight incest warning. don't...
  • inserts
  • yanderexreader
  • yandere
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Aʟʟ Mɪɴe~[Various Yandere!Anime One-Shots] by STWNTstories
Aʟʟ Mɪɴe~[Various Yandere!Anime StoriesThatWereNeverTold
[REQUESTS ARE OPEN] Yandere (ヤンデレ) is defined as strongly infatuated or lovestruck. For them though, it is defined as obsessed, possessive, and breathtakingly in love wi...
  • yandere
  • lovers
  • reader
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Diabolik Lovers X Reader by KuroBubble
Diabolik Lovers X Readerby ☯ Rin ☯
(Y/N) Sakamaki is the youngest sibling in the Sakamaki mansion. The little sister of the Sakamaki brothers and they love her more than anything. But what will happen whe...
  • various
  • requests
  • fanfiction
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Detroit: Become Human X Male Reader Oneshots by LifeInANutshelll
Detroit: Become Human X Male LifeInANutshelll
That. Is. A long ass title. ANYWAYS I FUCKING LOVE THIS GAME AND THIS BOOK Is many much of the gay. So yea. No spoilers Requests: plz do I only have boyxboy planned b...
  • yaoi
  • boyxboy
  • becomehuman
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Slight Change (fem Deku fanfic) by TaestheticBiatch
Slight Change (fem Deku fanfic)by Eun_☔️
Deku was walking home after a long day, when a hooded figure attacked Deku using a quirk , what happened after this encounter....well nothing big....except he's now a s...
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • tododeku
  • lovable
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Paradox Inducement - Various BNHA x Reader by -Stop-Citizen-
Paradox Inducement - Various no u
Yuuei, the prestigious hero school that everyone under the age of 15 is dying to get into, whether it be to prove themselves to onlookers or to conquer ghosts of their p...
  • dabi
  • tetsutetsutetsutetsu
  • xreader
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female various x male reader  3  by thenick5o
female various x male reader 3 by nik izwan
all the female characters i don't own them and as usual just like the last time
  • various
  • fanfiction
  • malereaderinsert
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One shots vol.III (Seme male reader x Varous) by IzayaB
One shots vol.III (Seme male IzayaB
Third vol. of the one shots with reader as a seme. Enjoy. Disclaimer: Of course I don't own any of the characters in that book.
  • various
  • uke
  • reader
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female various x male reader book 4 by thenick5o
female various x male reader book 4by nik izwan
all the female characters i don't own them and as usual just like the time
  • oneshot
  • various
  • malereader
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Switched With a Fangirl (Various!Naruto X Reader) by RandytheSuperSalt
Switched With a Fangirl (Various! Deidara
After your friend introduces you to the anime Naruto, you wake up in Sakura's body. How did this happen and how do you fix it? Is that even possible?
  • temari
  • random
  • tenten
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Various! Naruto X Reader by Pandalion23
Various! Naruto X Readerby Pandalion23
I don't see that many of these so, why not? You are a transfer in konagakure and your world is about to be turned around when you face danger, confusion, rival's and lov...
  • ninja
  • reader
  • lovestory
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Who would have guessed? (Seme!male!reader X Naruto various) by LivingRockMusic
Who would have guessed? (Seme! Llamas With Hats
(Naruto!Various!xseme!male!reader!) Hitori Janai, otherwise known as (F/n) (L/n). Not knowing much emotions and with seeing what shouldn't been seen, (F/n) is named and...
  • harem
  • sememalereader
  • smr
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Various X Reader One shots! by Charlattee
Various X Reader One shots!by .charlattee.
We all have had that awkward time in our lives when we have had or still have a crush on a person or thing that isn't real. If you are reading this book then you probabl...
  • romance
  • disney
  • totaldrama
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Tokyo Ghoul X Reader One Shots by HappyVirus223
Tokyo Ghoul X Reader One Shotsby Mhaye~
Tokyo ghoul one shots
  • ayato
  • nishiki
  • oneshot
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Ŧเɭєร [BNHA x Villain!Reader Insert] by Tinxaa
Ŧเɭєร [BNHA x Villain!Reader Tinxaa
"What's the password to 'it'?" She questioned the person in front of her. Holding the knife close to their arm. "I'm telling you, I don't know!" She...
  • villain
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • readerinsert
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Various x Reader by disneygirl721
Various x Readerby Aud Aud
Taking requests for the characters below! Btw, I don't do any lemons or smut...and I probably won't be anytime soon... Various x Reader including: Miguel Rivera(Pixar's...
  • strangerthings
  • disney
  • pixarcoco
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Username Ideas; by nebuIar
Username Ideas;by ⠀
A variety of unique and cool usernames.
  • crappy
  • inspired
  • tumblr
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Voltron: Legendary Defender... Plus Y/n. by Red__Ruby
Voltron: Legendary Defender... Ruby Akuma👑
!!! CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING !!! It's readily apparent you're not human. Or you don't seem human. It seems you're better at everything than everyone. Your friend, Pidge...
  • adventure
  • voltron
  • humor
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Our Song by MP13Girl
Our Songby McKenna
Leah is beautiful, outgoing, and popular. Because of this, she's gotten everything she's ever wanted. Except for one thing. All she's ever really wanted was to please pe...
  • project
  • speak
  • solo
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