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Dragon Ball Z Kai x Male Reader by ImmortalGod1
Dragon Ball Z Kai x Male Readerby ImmortalGod1
I do not own Dragon Ball or the characters I will tweak the story a bit to fit Y/n in it
  • fanfic
  • malereader
  • dragonball
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Female Trunks and Mai X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Female Trunks and Mai X Male Saiya...by Mr.Lord Frieza
+(Y/N),Goku's youngest son,had gone through many things, since his father died because of a heart virus and that his brother Gohan and all his died because of the Androi...
  • dragonballz
  • dbz
  • xmalereader
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Gine X Male Saiyan Reader by Silver_B657
Gine X Male Saiyan Readerby Mr.Lord Frieza
+After discovering that the planet Vegeta would be destroyed,(Y/N) in an attempt to save his family decides to take out his wife and his youngest son Goku from the plane...
  • dragonballz
  • reader
  • goku
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His Kryptonite - Broly X Reader by AshliKiwii
His Kryptonite - Broly X Readerby AshliKiwii
*SPOILER ALRET/WARNING! - This story will contain somethings from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest DBZ movie. If you haven't seen the movie proceed with caution* You...
  • friendship
  • dragonballz
  • mistreated
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Male Reader Goku Black X Female Goku by Silver_B657
Male Reader Goku Black X Female Go...by Mr.Lord Frieza
+(Y/N),the second apprentice of Gowasu being first Zamasu, to be a spectator of how mortals are and how they kill the beauty of the universe he decides to change body wi...
  • malereader
  • dragonballsuper
  • gendebender
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Loud of Time-Skip by TheBoarSin
Loud of Time-Skipby StaidAlarm42056
Lincoln Loud was labeled as bad luck by his sisters and was locked out of his house. But when they did this he discovered a power that few have learned, and very few hav...
  • lunaloud
  • lucyloud
  • assassin
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Back to Square One by Xx_Cocaito_xX
Back to Square Oneby Xx_ThePu$$¥Sl@y€®69_xX
Both Goku and Vegeta got sent back to the past to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, see our two legendary super saiyan gods, back to the age of the Raditz saga.
  • saiyan
  • timetravel
  • fanfiction
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Gogito, The New Protector of Earth by Goldenkingbeast
Gogito, The New Protector of Earthby Goldenkingbeast
Gogito was wished by Goku and his friends to help strengthen Earth's defenses against a possible future foe. So Goku has the great idea to fuse Vegito (fusion of Vegeta...
  • broly
  • cabba
  • zeno
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The One Beyond Strength (My Hero Academia X OP Male Reader) by LavenderBlitz
The One Beyond Strength (My Hero A...by LavenderBlitz
Y/N L/N, the son of one of the multiverses most power mortals, Jiren The Gray, is sent to UA high to be taught the same lesson his father learned.
  • dragonballsuper
  • dbz
  • readerinsert
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Dragonball Mae by kadenzajinx
Dragonball Maeby Dragonball Mae
Mae is the daughter of Goku and twin to Gohan. All her life she has worked hard to keep up with her father. Spending a large amount of time training with Vegeta she hope...
  • dragonballsuper
  • goku
  • dbz
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Dragonball Z Abridged x Male rayquaza reader (made by Goji1999) by powgod
Dragonball Z Abridged x Male rayqu...by powgod
Ok so i talked to gojira2003 who is now @goji1999 and we both agreed on i can copy his original story so when its deleted it is still up so even tho i am putting this do...
  • harem
  • dragonballz
  • dragonballsuper
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Dragon Ball Bf scenarios by imahappybanana
Dragon Ball Bf scenariosby Im a Tall Moose
for all my DBZ fangirls. I will do my best on writing these but Im a beginner so please don't be to strict about my grammer.
  • dragonball
  • anime
  • romance
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Venganza... [black goku y tu] by dannav33
Venganza... [black goku y tu]by dannav33
"Segunda temporada de pensamientos gemelos" Después de tanto tiempo esperando, al fin llego esa oportunidad que ambos estaban buscando... la venganza
  • mirai
  • dragon
  • black
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Mi luz (Goku y tú). by Sayayin97
Mi luz (Goku y tú).by Son Kokun
- ¡Yo ya no le aguanto! ¡Es un cabeza hueca! .- bufó el pelos de flama. - Pues tú... no estás casada con él .- suspiró Milk, profundamente. - ¿Y qué me dices de lo despi...
  • amor
  • pelea
  • super
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Android 18 X Male Reader: A Second Chance by Spooky_UncleGut
Android 18 X Male Reader: A Second...by Zero
Ruin. Terror. Carnage. There were a variety of words like those that could fit into the description of this world. And it all thanks to Androids. All the powerful fighte...
  • android18
  • dragonballz
  • malereader
Future Trunks X Reader by Hope_Love_
Future Trunks X Readerby Crystal Heart
Its u and future trunks what else is there to know. Ok well Info: (E/C) eye color. (h/c) hair color. (h/l) hair length. You are gonna be shorter than Trunks for things...
  • dbz
  • gohan
  • trunks
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Un cambio en el destino - Bardock & Fasha / Gohan & 18 by sabin983
Un cambio en el destino - Bardock...by Goku Ssj7
Bardock, Fasha y Toma sobreviven al ataque de Frieza. ¿Cómo afectará esta supervivencia a la línea de tiempo de los eventos? Combinaciones principales: Gohan / 18 y Bard...
  • gohanx18
  • bardock
  • dbz
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Broken Faith by PokemonIsLife319
Broken Faithby Ashley Ketchum
After being neglected and betrayed by his best friend Issei Hyoudou and rejected by Rias Gremory, Y/n was enraged and vows to himself that no matter what happens, he wil...
  • neglected
  • highschooldxd
  • dragonball
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Te odio, papá (Vegeta, Bardock, Goku y tú) by Sayayin97
Te odio, papá (Vegeta, Bardock, Go...by Son Kokun
Hace 5 años, Vegeta abandonaba el planeta Vegeta para embarcarse en una gran misión. 5 años, en los que ha dejado atrás toda su vida, olvidando quién era él: El príncipe...
  • hijo
  • dbs
  • dbz
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Mi adicción (Zamasu, Black Goku y tú).  by Sayayin97
Mi adicción (Zamasu, Black Goku y...by Son Kokun
Black y Zamasu, planean vengarse de Vegeta, Trunks y Goku por haber interferido en su "Plan Cero Humanos". ¿Pero esto no es nada nuevo no? ¿O quizá si?. Esta...
  • amor
  • goku
  • odio
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