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Super Mario Texting! {REQUESTS OPEN!} by RosieFan175
Super Mario Texting! {REQUESTS AquaCookie!
The cast of Nintendo's most famous franchise, Super Mario, are given a whole new wave of communication in this utterly hilarious book! Well actually idk if it'll be act...
  • mario
  • super
  • texting
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Every Heart - A Bowsette/Mario fanfiction by gregmikaels
Every Heart - A Bowsette/Mario Greg Mikaels
The hailed hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, and the monarch of the Koopas, Princess Bowsette, had been mortal enemies for so many years. But after a turn of events i...
  • princess
  • daisy
  • bowser
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Splatoon Manga x Reader Oneshots by Pleples
Splatoon Manga x Reader Oneshotsby Pleples
Everyone is doing this, but thou has many ideas. 1. LEMON/SMUT/BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism-- rape )/LIME/GRAPE (or smth idk) -- OK 2. Deres -- OK 3. Flu...
  • nintendo
  • inkling
  • splatoon
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Lost In Nintendo Land by Captain_Kit
Lost In Nintendo Landby Captain Kit
"I wonder what it's like racing in space or saving a princess. I wonder what it's like competing against your friends in the Olympics. Heh, wouldn't it be cool if I...
  • idkwhatelse
  • kingboo
  • fanfiction
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Splatoon x Male Reader by DForrester
Splatoon x Male Readerby DForrester
You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. All rights for the characters and bits of story go to Ninten...
  • pearl
  • malereader
  • reader
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Splatoon Manga Various x Modern! Otaku! Reader by Pleples
Splatoon Manga Various x Modern! Pleples
I like Splatoon. I like manga. Let's read the Splatoon Manga. So your otaku butt did that. You went to bed. And here you fucking are. In the Splatoon Manga Universe Spla...
  • fanfiction
  • emperorxreader
  • splatoonmanga
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(Ship)Kirby Right Back At Ya! Season 2: Haltmann Works Company by FluffyChocolate777
(Ship)Kirby Right Back At Ya! FluffyChocolate777
I ALSO HAVE A NO-SHIP VERSION SO CHECK THAT OUT IF YOU DO NOT LIKE KIRBYXMETAKNIGHT SHIP Kirby's new adventure in Cappy Town with new enemy, Haltmann! King Dedede signs...
  • metaknight
  • cappytown
  • adventure
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SSB X Reader One Shots || Slow updates ;^; || by Luminous_107
SSB X Reader One Shots || Slow 𝓛𝓾𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓸𝓾𝓼
You are a newbie here at Smash Mansion-place-thingy and the only reason you're here is that a lot of the fans of your game, (Favourite game you've always wanted to be in...
  • nintendo
  • videogames
  • smash
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Super Smash School by TheLegendOfZelink
Super Smash Schoolby Nintendo.
Some of Nintendo's (and the Super Smash Bros communities) most iconic characters get invited to SS. Brothers High School to spend the next 4 years training to become a t...
  • videogames
  • legendofzelda
  • zelda
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✯漫*舞~ Splatoon Headcannons ~舞*漫✯ by xShezzax
✯漫*舞~ Splatoon Headcannons ~舞*漫✯by ☤★🅂🅀🅄🄸🄳🄺🄸🄳★☤
↫✰a collection of headcannons. tell me your thoughts since there's a chance i plan to use them in upcoming stories. ✰↬
  • headcannons
  • splatoonheadcannons
  • headcanons
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Two Different Worlds by SakuMarx
Two Different Worldsby Tomokuba ✌
  • forbiddenlove
  • fireemblemawakening
  • watty2015
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Bulletproof Heart {Dark Link x Reader} by Phantomhive_Butler
Bulletproof Heart {Dark Link x Natsu Dragneel's Mate
When Dark Link accidentally pulls you into the world of The Legend of Zelda instead of your brother, he decides to put you to work as his one and only maid. Will you be...
  • darklink
  • darklinkxreader
  • legendofzelda
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Before the Calamity by nayrus_love
Before the Calamityby literal SCUM
This is the story of Link and Zelda and their travels together before the Great Calamity hit. It's the story of their relationship and adventures, some which are seen in...
  • legend
  • breathofthewild
  • loz
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Splatoon Manga x Reader Oneshots by crispysquidring
Splatoon Manga x Reader Oneshotsby i miss leafyishere
nothing personnel, squid
  • squid
  • readerinsert
  • fluff
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The pink threaded puffball (Kirby x reader) by RossatronDally
The pink threaded puffball ( Ross.
"Uh. Uh. UUH." Y/N choked and slammed the door to their bedroom shut. He/she stared at the open box of Kirby's Epic Yarn and gulped. "Oh boy..."
  • kirby
  • video
  • epicyarn
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The New Servant - Pit x Reader (Completed!) by Cxxnquest
The New Servant - Pit x Reader ( 💎 Chasity 💎
It was just an average day, Pit always had to protect Lady Palutena with all costs. If he failed at doing so, the Goddess would probably go missing. But do you know what...
  • darkpit
  • smash
  • twins
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「Cole Sprouse Imagines」 by galbraithfrase
「Cole Sprouse Imagines」by ˗ˏˋG A L B I Iˊˎ˗
⚠️ REQUEST ENTRY IS NOW OPEN ⚠️ ⚫️ ❝Unlock your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible.❞ Welcome to a cosmos of sublime scenarios where an adequate world is m...
  • openrequests
  • colesprouse
  • colexreader
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Bowser x M!Reader - Confession (Lemons) by J4_M1E
Bowser x M!Reader - Confession ( J a m i e
Bowser was someone you had a crush on ever since you've met him. He texted you when he felt lonely, his interests were the same as yours... But, does he have a crush on...
  • bowser
  • gay
  • nintendo
Meta Knight x Reader x Galacta Knight (DISCONTINUED) by Justadorkyartist
Meta Knight x Reader x Galacta Justadorkyartist
Your name is (Y/N)(L/N), You are an average 18 year old girl who is caring,helpful and adventurous.You love to play games Mostly Nintendo and preferably kirby.You were a...
  • metaknight
  • nintendo
  • galactaknight
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After the Calamity by nayrus_love
After the Calamityby literal SCUM
A sequel to my story, Before the Calamity. After the fight with Ganon, Link and Zelda are reunited. However, things are not as perfect as they should be. The two of t...
  • breathofthewild
  • hyrule
  • princesszelda
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