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"Alright, well-" I walked into the room where Jonathan had the Seelie Queen tied up, as I tightened my hair tie, my hair done half up and half down, "If you two are done flirting-"

Jonathan looks at me, "I wasn't flirting."

"I was." The Queen smirked lightly.

"We have more important matters to attend to." I snipped at the both of them, then looked at the Queen, "Now, I've got a meeting to catch with a certain warlock- so, why don't we make this quick, shall we?"

"Your people have something that belongs to us." I crouched, staring up at her, "So, why don't you use your birds and your bees to tell the Seelie Court to hand over the Morning Star sword?"

She looks at me, "And if I don't comply?"

I stood up, grabbing her by the neck, pushing her head back aggressively against the chair, my jaw clenched, "I'll kill you myself."

She grunts, "I'd expect this behaviour from a proper Morgenstern-"

"Good to know I'm living up to my name." I let go of her neck, taking a step back, lightly clapping my hands together, "Chop chop."


[ alec's pov ]

"How'd it go with the Seelies?-" My mother walked along side me through the Institute, her hands in her pockets.

"Better than expected." I replied to her shortly, "That said, I need to start gearing up for mission right now-"

When we came to a stop, I notice the look on her face, "Is something wrong?"

"I was hoping you'd tell me." She admits, "I hadn't heard from you since you asked for the family ring- or from Zee ever since she went rogue-"

My heart aches, as I immediately shook my head, "Mom, I can't talk about this right now-"

She began, "If I did or said anything to offend the two of you-"

"Mom- stop." I stopped her before she could continue, "It's not something you did or didn't do-"

My hand slipped into my pocket, clutching the fire message I brought everywhere with me, "I broke up with Zee-"

"What?" Her eyes went wide, "Why in the name of the Angel would you ever do that?-"

"Because I had to." I cut her off, not wanting to go in depth, my voice weak, "This is the only way to keep her alive and well-"

She stares at me, "What're you talking about?"

I looked down for a moment, tears starting to form in my eyes, not knowing if I could hold this in any longer.

"When we were out chasing Drevak demons- I got a fire message- from Jonathan." I broke, looking up at her, then handed her the message, "I didn't think it was real until I got a call from Underhill that a Seelie nymph had broken into the sub cells and he was missing-"

"He said that if I didn't break up with her, he would kill her- because, I couldn't go through that kind of pain again, and regardless of them being alive or dead, he'll be with her-" I covered my face for a moment, sniffling, holding back my tears, "He knew it'd push her off the edge and have her side with him- she had so much going on, and that was the last straw for her-"

Her eyes filled with sadness, "Oh, Alec-"

"I need to get her back, okay? I need to-" I began backing away from her, blinking away my tears, "Once the connection's broken- she'll understand."

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