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"Clary, we can't panic." Jace began to say, as Clary was definitely panicking.

"He's a psychopath." Clary busts, "He's capable of anything."

"Simon is innocent, in all of this." Clary continues, "The only reason Valentine took him captive is because I care about him."

Luke's footsteps approached us, "Hey, all the prisoners are either dead or gone. No sign of Cleophas."

"Hey, it's gonna be okay." Jace hugs Clary when another distressed look crosses her face.

"Jace-" I looked at him, "Where's Alec?"

Jace pulls away from Clary, "He went to the Institute to get Shadowhunters to find you."

"Aldertree wouldn't allow that." I cross my arms, then the thought of Aldertree supplying Yin fen to Isabelle crosses my mind.

Then, Clary's phone rings, Simon's contact on the screen, saying that he wanted to video call.

Luke nods at her slowly, "Answer it, Clary."

"No-" Clary immediately said when we all peered over her shoulder and stared the the screen when she answered the call, Simon tied up, duck tape on his mouth.

"Hello, Clarissa." Valentine crouched in front of the screen, "Wish we were chatting under more civilized circumstances, but I'm afraid I've run out of options."

Clary's eyes burned with tears, "Let Simon go."

"Absolutely." Valentine agreed, "Just as soon as you come back to the Institute. I need you to activate the sword for me."

Clary shook her head, "That is never going to happen."

"Oh, but I think it will." Valentine was confident, "Because if you don't show up within the hour-"

"Your vampire boyfriend here is gonna die a death I wouldn't wish upon anyone." Valentine looked back at Simon, then at the screen, "And if you still fail to comply, I'm going after your older sister's precious Lightwood next."

Then, the called ended.

My eyes were wide, as I instantly stepped away and fished out my phone, dialing Alec's number.

As Luke and Clary speak amongst themselves as Clary wanted to go after Simon, Luke denying, Jace comes over to me as I repeatedly dial Alec's number as it went to voicemail every single time.

Jace's eyes scan my expression, "Who're you calling?"

"Alec." I huff, staring at my phone screen as I had already called him seventeen times, "Jace, he's not answering-"

"I'm sure it'll be fine-" Jace inhales sharply but I could tell he was fearing for his parabatai also.

"What if he's hurt? What if the Circle Members already got to him- he's not answering." My eyes began pooling with tears of worry, "Jace, I swear if something happens to Alec-"

"Hey, hey, hey-" Jace pulled me into his chest, hugging me, "It's okay- it's gonna be okay."

I held onto him tightly, before pulling away, walking over to Luke and Clary, Jace right behind me, "Alec's not picking up."

Jace nods, "Let's move."

"Valentine is gonna wish he never laid a hand on Simon." Clary began walking away, "I'll make sure of it-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Luke stops her, "You're not going anywhere near that Institute."

"We're taking you to Magnus." Luke looks between Jace and I as we nodded in agreement, "He can protect you."

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