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My body thuds against the ground when we come through the other side of the portal, Valentine's grip tight on my wrist.

Jace jumps up, as Valentine pulled me up with him, as I was trying to get my wrist out of his grip.

"Jace-" I trail off, looking around me, noticing the caged Downworlders and chains everywhere, the place making me sick, "This is Valentine's ship."

"What did you do?" Jace's eyes were wide, accusingly turning towards Valentine, "Was I not enough that you had to take her too?"

"I was plotting on how to get her here ever since I brought you on this ship, Jonathan." Valentine admits, looking at me as if I was his big achievement, "There was a possibility that she was dead so I didn't act on it at first- but, the elixir mixed with the demon blood worked. It actually- worked-"

I rip my wrist from his grip, "Father of the year."

"You experimented on her!" Jace raises his voice, "You put her life at risk!"

"Oh, Jonathan." Valentine pulled the arrow out and waved his stele over the Iratze rune, "There's so much you two don't know."

"You set me up to kill that vampire." Jace points at him, anger clouding his eyes.

"You killed her because it was the right thing to do." Valentine puts his stele away, "The world's a safer place without that thing wreaking havoc. Would you rather turn her over to the Clave to stand trial?"

"That is my job!" Jace argues, "The Law is hard, but it is-"

"The Law." Valentine finished his sentence, "Yet the Clave does nothing, nothing to enforce that. Downworlders multiply with a bite or a scratch, while our numbers dwindle year after year."

"If we don't do something, a den like that one is gonna be on every corner on every street in the world." Valentine told him, "This is the only way. I'm sure your sister will understand."

I stay dead silent, as Jace shook his head, "You're wrong."

"Like I was wrong about your mother?" Valentine questioned, "Look, I know you even better than you know yourself."

"You-" Jace stammers, "-you don't know me at all."

"You saved my life." Valentine stepped closer to him.

Jace took a step forward, "You kidnapped Zee!"

"Regardless, you could've Portaled me anywhere, handed me over to the Clave in Idris, but did you?" Valentine stared at him, "No, because deep down inside, you know that I'm right."


I let out a pained grunt when the Downworlder's fist came in contact with my bare side again with full force.

I was covered in my own blood, my body sore and covered in bruises. I was hung by a chain, arms above my head and cuffed together, my jacket and shirt being on the ground as I was being tortured in just my jeans and bra.

Jace tried his best to make them stop once they got to me on Valentine's orders, but soon enough, he was hung right next to me, taking the heat also.

I didn't know what Jace was going through while being here.

Now I knew.

And I felt horrible.

My feet didn't touch the ground, due to my height, making my arms hurt even more from being hung.

I held back my scream when freezing cold water came in contact with my aching body, my eyes squeezing shut, as I heard Jace's grunts and screams from next to me.

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