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"Zee-" Alec caught me when I returned to the Institute, looking like a complete mess, "Where have you been?"

I was covered in dirt despite how much I had dusted myself off, and I was completely alert due to Ithuriel's death, my eyes landing on my boyfriend, "Alec-"

"You're all dirty-" Alec took notice and wiped some off my cheek, picking some out of my hair, "What happened?"

"I- I was with Luke, we were trying to track down the Owl." I lied through my teeth, "Things didn't go so well-"

I hated lying to him like this.

But, I couldn't tell him that I had summoned Ithuriel and gotten him killed because I was trying to figure out if the wish I made triggered Jace to lose his mind.

"I was worried- you didn't answer all of my calls." Alec lightly grabbed my hands.

He trusted me without a doubt.

And I was lying right to his face.

"I know, I'm sorry- I lost track of time." I exhale deeply, "But- what's up, why all the calls?"

Alec lightly swung our hands, "Well- first, I wanted to tell you that I found an apartment that I thought you'd really like, then I got worried because everyone kept saying they hadn't seen you since you left the Institute."

"Already?" I blinked, "That was fast-"

"Not very- Izzy's been helping me look for the past few weeks," Alec admitted to me, "You know- all those photos she kept showing you?"

"Of all those empty rooms and- are you actually serious?" I couldn't help but begin to smile.

"Yeah- I wanted to make sure you liked it before I asked you to move in with me." Alec came clean about it, "And the one you liked the most- I booked an appointment to see tomorrow morning- so, before we do anything tomorrow, we're going out for breakfast, then we're going to look at the apartment."

I only smiled wider, "I love you- so much."

"I love you just as much- maybe even more." Alec pressed his lips to my forehead and pulled me along.

"More?" I repeated, "No way-"

"Yes way," Alec dragged me along with him, "Now, come on- you need a shower."

A gasp left my lips at his words even when I knew he was right as he pulled me with him, "Alec!"


"Luke, I've been through all the Institute archives three times already, and there's no record of a greater demon that matches this one." I sighed deeply early next morning, holding my phone to my ear with my shoulder, looking at the picture I had drawn of the demon.

"I don't know what else to do." I placed the picture into my sketch book, hiding it to make sure Alec didn't find it.

"Ithuriel said the Owl has a master." I sat on my bed, grabbing my phone, holding it to my ear, "This has to be who it is, and it is powerful enough to kill an angel- I have to let everyone know."

Luke argues with me, "You do that, and it unravels everything about Raziel and the wish."

"I don't care if the Clave locks me up, Luke." I argued right back, lowering my voice.

"Well, I do." Luke shot back, "And so does Alec."

"And what about Jace?" Luke added in, "He carried that same lie, he'll be in trouble just like you."

I sigh, covering my face with one hand, "And the last thing he needs is for his treatment to be interrupted."

"Okay- fine, I'll keep quiet- I gotta go," I hung up, tossing my phone next to me, covering my face entirely.

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