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"Alec, are you here?-" I walked into our apartment, shutting the door behind me and tossing the keys in the small bowl, having just gotten back from shopping with Magnus, "I miss my husband-"

"I'm here-" Alec walks over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing his lips into mine for a few moments, then takes the bags from my hands, "You're back early- usually you guys would be gone for hours- I swear, you hit every store twice-"

"I could barely do half the stores today-" I kicked off my boots, walking right into the kitchen, grabbing a bag of chips, "We went out to eat in New York, and hit a few stores, but then I felt sick later on- and, extremely tired- so, now- I'm home."

"I gave you the day off so you could have a relaxed day, and you're telling me you haven't been?" Alec set down my bags on the side, coming over to me, putting his hands on my shoulders.

"Technically-" I looked up at Alec, popping a chip in my mouth, "Since I'm Co Inquisitor-"

Alec tilts his head, "I was trying to be cute."

My heart suddenly dropped to my stomach, being extremely affected by it for some reason, "I'm sorry."

"It's alright-" Alec rubs my shoulders gently, revealing the stress in them, "I was only kidding-"

"No, no- it's not alright-" I dusted my hands off and covered my face, tearing up, wanting to cry my eyes out, "You're being so nice, and I just- I'm being rude-"

"Rude- what?" Alec gapes at me in slight surprise, softly laughing, turning me towards him, "Where did you get that from?-"

I uncovered my face, the tears in my eyes falling, "You're laughing at me now?-"

"No, no, no- of course not." Alec was amused, pulling me into his chest, rubbing my back, "What's going on with you today?-"

"I don't know- I'm being completely crazy." I sniffled, wiping my tears, hugging his middle tightly, "I feel so sick, and tired-"

"Are you feeling alright?" Alec put his hand to my forehead to feel for my temperature, "I know you've been throwing up for the past few weeks- maybe it's a stomach bug?"

"I don't know- maybe." I exhale slow, then looked up at him, "I wanna go visit everyone in New York-"

Alec looks down at me, rubbing my back, "You didn't visit them when you were there earlier?"

"No, I didn't want to see them without you-" I looked up at him, "Can we please go?-"

"You're the transport." Alec's words made me smile just lightly, before he kissed my head, agreeing with go with me.


"Jace, I've seen you." I heard Simon day when I walked toward the training room, slowly down at his words, "Go to her apartment, her school- I have vamp speed, remember?"

Jace replies, "Look, it's not a problem- she doesn't have the Sight anymore and I'm always glamoured."

"No, Jace, it is a problem- how many times do we have to do this?" Simon shot back at him, "It took- so long for me to finally get Zee to stop checking up on her- for Zee to stop blaming herself for what happened the night of her wedding-"

My heart dropped at the words, and my mind immediately went to the letter I had found on my bed when I had went home the night.

"They didn't think taking your abilities would be fit discipline for abusing your powers, so, what they deemed fit was if you used another rune, I'd be stripped of mine and sent back to the mundane world as a punishment for disobedience." The words on the letter instantly flooded my mind, "But, I understand, you did what you had to do- and I don't want you to blame yourself."

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