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I stood in the Ops Center with Alec, Jace and Clary, dressed in my usual black ripped jeans, a navy blue sweater tucked into it, a hand through my slightly damp wavy hair as I watched Clary and Jace.

"It just looks like a wine glass." Clary stared into his eyes, holding the Mortal Cup with him.

"That wine glass saved your life." The corner of Jace's mouth turned up.

"What if- what if I hadn't gotten the Cup out in time?" Clary sighs, "That demon-"

"But- you did." Jace stops her, "First rule of Shadowhunting when something explodes, just keep walking. Never think twice. Never look away."

Clary smiles, "And what's the second rule?"

Isabelle used her whip to grab the Mortal Cup from their hands, "There's nothing a Shadowhunter can't do in heels."

Jace walks over to Alec and I, Isabelle handing Clary back the Cup, "Alec, what are you doing? You can stare at this monitor all you want, they need angel blood to get past the wards- you know that. No Downworlder can come into the Institute."

"Not without an invite by a Shadowhunter." Isabelle walks over, sighing.

Alec faces us, "Last I checked, Valentine is a Shadowhunter. The Cup is not safe here, we have to give it back to the Clave."

"Give it back to the Clave?" Clary repeats, "No- not after everything we went through to get it."

"My brother is right." Isabelle sides with Alec, "The Cup is extremely important."

"Are you agreeing with me?" Alec looked at her.

Isabelle barely smiles, "I'm full of surprises."

"This Cup is the one chance I have at getting my mom back." Clary argued.

"I agree with Clary." Jace sides with her, "We can't give the Cup to the Clave, not now- we need it. It's our only bargaining chip."

"Look, I know how powerful this Cup is." Clary tried to persuade, "It has the power to create new Shadowhunters, control demons and even kill a mundane if they drank from it. But I promise you, I will not let that monster get his hands on it."

"There you go." Jace shrugs, "You have her word."

Alec looks at me, noticing my silence, "Zee, what do you think?"

I blink, looking up at him.

"I don't need her opinion," Clary spat before I could speak, "She probably couldn't care less if I got my mom back or not."

Alec looked at her, "Hey-"

I cross my arms, shaking my head in disbelief, scoffing, starting to walk away from them, "You're unbelievable-"

"I'm unbelievable?" Clary's voice stops me, "You were gone- just like that- for three years-"

I kept walking away, only a few feet away from them at this point, "I'm not having this conversation with you, Clary-"

"Yes, you are." Clary took a step forward, "Pushing this away is only going to make it worse for you."

I stop and spun around to face her, "I'm not too thrilled about false accusations and resentment from my little sister, so no- i'm not talking about this."

"Do you not care- about this at all?" Clary was ready to let this all out now, "About what happened- about my mom?"

"There is so much in that- that was wrong, so I'm going to pretend I didn't hear it." I turn away and began to walk away again.

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