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"Don't squirm." Robert told Alec, as we sat in the infirmary, my eyes glued to Alec's wound.

"I'm not-" Alec huffs, "It doesn't even hurt."

My arms were crossed as I rested them on the bed frame, crouched, watching Robert, my eyes focusing on the wound more than anything else.

Alec's eyes scanned over my features every now and then, but I didn't know why.

Alec's phone started to buzz next to him, as he grabbed it, Jace's ID on the screen.

As he went to answer, Isabelle grabbed the phone, "No talking- just healing."

Isabelle got up, leaving the room, answering the phone for him.

I got up, sitting next to Alec, "I'm sorry-"

"I'm fine." Alec looks at me.

"No, I meant-" I sigh, "If I would've jumped in earlier, you wouldn't have gotten hurt."

"If you would've jumped in earlier, you would've been the one who was hurt." Alec keeps contact with me, "Either way, you saved me. That's what matters- don't apologize to me."

I pull myself further onto the bed, sitting crossed legged, playing with my hands, "I just- I feel bad. I don't like seeing you hurt."

Alec stares at me, "I'm fine."

"Okay-" I sigh, getting up, hugging myself, "I'm going to check with Isabelle."

With that, I quickly left him alone with Robert.


"She calls Meliorn in and arrests him, then acts like it's all out of her hands." Isabelle rants to Alec and I, as I stood with her in the training room, watching Alec go at the punching bag despite his injury.

"Alec-" I reach for him, "You're gonna hurt yourself-"

"I'm fine, Zee-" Alec pulls away before my hand could touch him, grabbing his injured arm, before starting to punching the bag repeatedly once more.

"Alec!" My hand drops to my side, "You're bleeding through your bandage-"

Alec huffs, looking at Isabelle and I, "It was the Clave that gave the order, not Lydia."

Isabelle scoffs, "Are you sure about that?"

"Hey." Jace walks over, as I became tense at his appearance, "You all right?"

Alec rolls his eyes, "I'm fine."

Jace nudges me gently, his voice low, "Hey-"

I looked at him, giving him a smile that was barely there, as I still felt at unease with him since the last time I saw him I had snapped on him and remained angry with him.

"I just spoke to Robert and Maryse." Jace crosses his arms, "They're being sent back to Idris."

"What?" Isabelle blurts out in disbelief, "Another "order" from Lydia?"

Jace looks between us all, "Who's Lydia?"

"She's in charge of the Institute." I mutter, crossing my arms.

Jace's eyes looked as if they could pop right out of their sockets, "She's what?"

"Temporarily." Alec shot me a look as I had failed to mention that.

"And now she's convinced the Clave that Mom and Dad aren't doing their job?" Isabelle questions, completely frustrated.

"Well, maybe they aren't." Alec fought back, "The Institute was under their control when the Forsaken got in."

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