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I gasp when I felt myself being engulfed in water, my palms resting flat on wet sand, as I pushed myself up onto my knees, coughing up water.

My chin ached, and I could feel my forehead hurting. My eyes were red and irritated from the salt water, and I was completely soaked.

I was on the shore, but I didn't see Jace.

He was no where.

I lost him.

I notice that I had no shoes or jacket on, looking around frantically, noticing Alec's jacket in the water, a few feet away.

I jump back into the water, swimming towards it, grabbing it, moving back towards shore.

The bottom of my feet were covered in hot sand, as I squeezed the salt water out of Alec's jacket.

I ran a hand through my wet hair, looking at my surroundings.

I needed to get to the Institute.


"Hey!" Raj was instantly trying to stop me as I walked into the Institute, holding Alec's damp jacket in my hand.

My feet were bleeding from walking all the way over here, my forehead dripping blood that I didn't even realize, my chin still scratched and red, my eyes still slightly irritated, holding a red tint in them.

My clothes and hair were damp and ripped, overall I looked like a mess.

"Hey, no-" Raj's arm shoots out in front of me, his other hand grabbing my aching arm, "You can't go in there-"

I shove him away from me with full force, pointing at him as I kept walking, speaking in a warning tone, "You touch me one more time and I'll punch you in the face-"

"I'm getting Aldertree-" Raj walked away from me as I walked over to the Ops Center, Jocelyn, Clary and my mother on my tail.

"Zee- oh my god-" Clary was gasping, "Are you okay?"

"Honey-" My mother walked faster to try and keep up with me, "What did he do to you? Are you okay-"

"I'm fine-" I looked around, "I need to see Izzy- where is Izzy?"

"Zee, wait-" Jocelyn grabbed my arm to try and stop me, as I ripped my arm from her grasp, spinning around and facing them, "What happened? Where have you been?"

"We're all curious." Aldertree joins the conversation, his hands folded, then looked at Raj, "Bring a change of clothes and a hot cup of tea to my office. Zee and I are gonna have a little chat."

"Whatever, I just-" I did a 360, trying to find Isabelle, "Where is Isabelle?"

Clary looks down, "She's with Alec, Zee."

"Okay, where are they?" I quickly ask, starting to move again.

My mother grabbed my arm, "Please- just wait."

I looked between them all, "What don't I know?"

"He was trying to help us find you, and something went wrong." Jocelyn admit quietly, "He's in a bad way."


I sat down in Aldertree's office, after using the Iratze rune to heal, showering and changing into a pair of medium wash jeans and a white thermal shirt, one that was tucked into my ripped jeans, the top button unbuttoned,, my hair now dry and slightly wavy and curly from not having anything done with it.

As much as I tried to go check on Alec first, still not knowing what happened with him, I was forcefully made to go to Aldertree's office first.

"It appears you've had quite the harrowing experience." Aldertree sat in front of me, handing me a cup of tea.

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