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"Champagne." The corner of my lip turned up when Jonathan handed me a glass, "I see you know what I like-"

"Of course- and, it is a special occasion." Jonathan poured himself some, "You saved me, Zee."

"Oh, don't flatter me- we both know you would've done the same for me." I leaned back against the wall, "Don't think I didn't notice how you saved me from the pain I felt when they injected you with that serum to try and separate us-"

Jonathan softly smiles, "I would die for you."

"Glad we're on the same page." I raise an brow.

"I've spent so long dreaming of the day that we'd finally be together." Jonathan held his glass up towards me, "To us."

"To us." I clung my glass against his, before taking a sip of the champagne, then setting it down, looking down at my wrist, my thumb gliding over Alec's name.

Jonathan notices, "Something's troubling you?"

"Alec might've broken up with me, but- it won't stop Isabelle and the others on working on a stronger serum to break us apart." I looked up at Jonathan, "Isn't that concerning?"

"No-" Jonathan walked toward me, grabbing my hands, "No one can hurt us if we get the Morning Star first."

I stare at him, "What do you mean?"

"Once we have that sword, the entire world will be terrified of us." Jonathan squeezes my hands, "And they will finally leave us in peace."

"Last time I checked, the Seelie Queen said she will only give you the Morning Star sword if you bring her Lilith's head." I reminded him.

"Well, those were her terms." Jonathan smirks at me, "You up for a trip to Prague, little sister?"

"I'm in." I smirked back lightly, walking past him, taking off my jacket, catching the fire message quickly that came flying at me, my heart stopping.

Jonathan looks at me, his hands in his pockets, "From your Shadowhunter friends?"

"It's from- Jace." I stared at the message in my head, confusion across my face, "He wants to meet."

Jonathan steps closer, "From- Jace?"

"He says his loyalty to me matters more to him than his loyalty to the New York Institute." My eyebrows were furrowed, "He said he loves me- and to prove it, he'll help us get back our family sword."

"No- it's a trap." Jonathan shook his head, "He wants to come between us like Alec did before- don't let his words fool you, little sister."

"He can't." I looked up at him, "I don't have to fight the rune influence because I've given into it. I want you be with you- how is he going to tear us apart?"

Jonathan scoffed quietly, staring at me, "Well, then why do you even need him?"

"He's my best friend, Jonathan." I held the fire message tightly in my fingers, "I thought you'd respect that."

"He wants me dead, Zee." Jonathan looked slightly hurt, "They all want me dead- and now you want to go back?"

"I never said I was going back. If what he says is true-" I said, "I want to hear him out."


[ alec's pov ]

"Going in unarmed?" I walked into my office, shaking my head, "I don't like it."

"It's the only way to save Zee." Jace followed.

"If Jonathan smells a rat, you're a dead man." I shot at him, "And if anything- I should be the one going- I'm the reason she went over the edge-"

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