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"It's no use trying to escape." Isabelle walked into Magnus' living room, Alec and I following her, "The trap you're in was designed to hold a Greater Demon."

"Well, that's not very nice, trapping your brother in a box." Jace remarked slyly, smirking.

"You're not our brother." Alec shot back at him quickly, "And don't get too comfortable 'cause we're gonna bring him back."

"You and your undying love for your parabatai." Jace scoffed deeply, "I hate to burst your bubble, but when I was sent to your family in Idris, I was a desperate kid."

Magnus walks in, "Pay no mind to him."

Jace stood in front of Alec, the Malachi Configuration separating them, "The only reason I became your parabatai was to make sure there was a roof over my head."

"Alec, don't listen to him." I don't even glance him, still being slightly upset with him, slipping off my jacket, "He's just trying to get under your skin."

"Or maybe," Jace faces me, "I just prefer not to coddle your latest soldier boyfriend- remember when you and I were together in the sheets?"

I glare at him, "Shut the hell up-"

"We got your call." Luke walks into the apartment, Simon following him, "Any news about Clary?"

"You almost killed her!" Simon immediately went over to Jace, "She gave herself up to the Clave trying to protect you!"

"Still jealous she picked me over you, huh?" Jace laughed in his face and taunted us, "And her love wasn't even enough to break me free- it was her sisters."

"Let me in there!" Simon shouted and hit the barrier, "I'll throw you off a building!-"

"Come on!" Luke pulled him into the other room, as we all followed, Magnus shutting the door behind us, "The Jace in that trap is not our Jace."

"We need to focus." I grabbed his arm when Simon tried to resist, "If the Clave finds out about my wish to Raziel, they will have it out for my head."

"The first thing they're going to do is put her on trail-" Isabelle exhaled, "Dozens of Clave guard's will storm in here, take Zee away, and we may never see her again."

I'll admit I was scared.

If I had to do it again, I would've.

But, I was gonna bring Jace back, even if it was the last thing I was gonna do.

"All right." Luke began, "Do we have anybody in Idris that can get us information?"

"Well, we stole from the Clave's armory." Alec reminds him, "So if they've figured that out-"

"They're not gonna tell us anything." I finished his sentence, sighing deeply and crossing my arms.

Simon questions, "So- what's plan B?"

"I'm gonna try to get some more intel on Clary." Luke said then looks at Simon, "The best thing you can do? Go back to that abandoned building and see if you can find some clues."

"No-" Simon denied, "I'm not going on a demon hunt while my best friend is in prison!"

"Simon- Clary risked everything to save Jace." Isabelle stepped in, "You want to do something for her? Help destroy the demon that caused all this mess."

"I want to know as soon as you hear anything." Simon agreed, pointing at Luke.

"You got it-" Luke nodded as Simon began leaving the room with him so they could go on with their missions.

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