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I laid in bed, staring up at the ceiling.

It was the next morning, and I should've been out of bed by now, but I hadn't left my room.

I missed breakfast, and hadn't moved an inch.

I was wearing one of Alec's sweaters that I had in my room as it fit me like a dress, the necklace he gave me around my neck.

Your neck looked a little empty without your mother's necklace around it.

My hair was in a messy low bun, making me think about how Alec once pointed that one of the ways he knew I was upset was that I tied my hair up before I went to bed when I was.

Tears filled my eyes, as I sat up slowly, putting the strands of hair that fell out of the bun behind my ears.

I looked around my room, memories of Alec and I flashing in my mind, the pain burning in my chest like an inextinguishable flame.

I could practically see the two of us smiling, laughing and in each other's arms with every glance.

I slowly got up from my bed, walking over to my desk, gently picking up my sketch book, sitting on the ground, crossing my legs, setting them down in front of me.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks, as I opened up my sketch book to the page where I had many doodles on out of boredom, my eyes falling onto the sketch of my name Alec had gotten tattooed.

I needed your sketch book for the exact sketch because Jace smudged the one you drew.

The pad of my finger touched the ink.

And I really liked the sketch so- I got it tattooed.

My eyes burned intensely as they filled with more tears, my heart aching in the most pain I'd ever felt.

Well, we're permanent, aren't we?

If only he'd known then what was going to happen.

I looked back, my eyes falling onto the book I was reading that day resting on my nightstand; the day he made that impulsive decision.

My eyes scanned the nightstand, the tube of mascara sitting a few inches away from it.

You look like a raccoon.

Flashes of Alec standing in front of me, holding my makeup wipes, a smile on his lips as he tried so hard not to laugh were engraved in my mind

So- that's where my bow and quiver went? I just had to take down a ton of Shax demons with my seraph blade because I had no idea where my bow and quiver went.

I could feel my heart shatter as I thought of that memory, feeling an undeniable pain.

Yeah, because couples in movies slaughter demons as their nightly job.

I slowly got up, wiping the tears that absorbed myself on my face, walking over to my closet, opening it to see the red shirt I had made Alec get hanging neatly.

You mean, you harassed me and said if I didn't buy it, you'd buy it for me.

I slowly pulled the red shirt off the handle and hugged it to my chest.

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